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The Modern Day Matchmaker July Challenge!

1 Jul

I was on Twitter last week  (the question is, when aren’t I on Twitter?) and I saw a tweet from Paul Brunson aka The Modern Day Matchmaker, that caught my eye. Paul, a certified relationship and life coach with a huge Twitter following, had thrown out an interesting challenge to his followers:

Well hey, I defo want to increase the number of dates I go on, so tell me more…

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Dating Boot Camp Weekend: Day 2

23 Feb

'Get The Guy' DEFO gives you a lot to think about...

After a very jam-packed day one,  day two of the Get The Guy Women’s Weekend kicked off with the trainers giving us feedback on how we performed the night before. Did we breakthrough any barriers? How many men did we speak to? Yada, yada, yada. I’m ashamed to say that I let myself down and didn’t approach any men whatsoever. Don’t get me wrong, I did speak to lots of men but only after someone else (a trainer, one of the other ladies) broke the ice first.  Even thought there  weren’t any guys in the bar that I fancied, I still didn’t have the guts to walk up to one and strike up a conversation from scratch.

The feedback I received from the trainers confirmed what I already knew, that I’m absolutely fine when speaking to men. They noticed I had no problem keeping a conversation flowing. They said I came across as confident, fun and engaging. They also said it doesn’t make sense because elements of my job are way more scary than approaching a random guy. I’ve worked with celebrities. I’ve met people whose work I admire. I’ve had to walk up to the likes of Will Smith, Tyrese, Paul Walker and John Legend and introduce myself. I’ve had to tell them where they need to be or who they need to speak to. The trainers  (very rightly so) said that to some people, introducing themselves to a celeb would be way more nervewracking than approaching ‘some dude’. Work is what I have to do. The trainers pointed out that if I wanted to see results in my love life, making more of a effort is something I have to do.

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Dating Boot Camp Weekend: Day 1

18 Feb

Long time readers will remember that last summer I did Get The Guy’s Secrets of Attraction one day event and absolutely loved it. That day, I left knowing I would do the full Women’s Weekend as soon as I got the chance. That chance came last weekend.

I don’t want to give too much away, because I feel its the sort of thing you have to experience for yourself. I think its the sort of thing that effects you in your own personal way, depending on the reason you’re there. But, I’ll  share a few personal highlights with you…

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It’s Time To Get Ballsy

19 Dec

I’m back. I’m feeling refreshed. I’ve had a break. I’ve had a nice change of scenery. Most importantly, for the sake of this blog anyway,  I’ve not visited a dating website for over three weeks. Like Nina Simone said… “and I’m feeling good”.

Over the past few weeks, at the back of my mind all I’ve been thinking about is how keen I am to get back to blogging. Problem is, without the dating sites, what the hell do I have to blog about? I had been hoping there might’ve been some man-gossip to share from my trip abroad. But no. Out of my two weeks away, I only managed to spot two guys who looked even remotely interesting. One was with his girl, the other I saw when I was with my Dad. If there is one thing that can mess up your ‘hey, look at me I’m free for you to come over flirt and chat me up’ potential, it’s hanging out with your old man.

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