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Stuck In The Friend Zone

29 Apr

“The Friend Zone”, contrary to popular belief, it’s not only men who get stuck in that dreaded place.  I’m currently in the zone with a guy who I think would actually make great boyfriend material, and it sucks – big time.

I’ve known this guy, lets call him ‘Dutch Dude’ (gimme a break, he’s Dutch and I’m running out of pseudonyms), for approximately seven years now. We first started talking back in the days when social networking site Blackplanet.com was the big thing. It was so long ago that I can’t even remember how or why we started talking but I do remember that our messages moved from Blackplanet to Myspace to email. Lots of general chit chat, a bit of harmless e-flirting, exchanging photos, sharing stories. Years passed and we stayed in touch.

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