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Mr Unavailable: The Gospel According To Natalie Lue

4 Jan

I first came close to writing about Natalie Lue – of Baggage Reclaim fame – back in October 2010 when I attended her ‘Mr Unavailable’ workshop in central London.  But now, a little over a year later, I’m very proud to say that Natalie’s teachings about the dangers of the dreaded Mr Unavailable are now available in print for all to buy.

About Natalie. I’ve known her via Twitter for a little while now and I have also met her twice in real life. I can honestly say that not only is this woman an absolute sweetheart, but she is also extremely wise. I don’t know how’s she done it, but Natalie has taken her personal experiences and observations and parlayed them into a full time job AND a book deal to boot!

If you haven’t checked out the Baggage Reclaim website, you don’t follow Natalie on Twitter or haven’t even seen her pearls of wisdom about “assclowns” (her word, not mine) when she comments on my blog posts please do have a read of a few of my favourite excerpts from her first published (there have been ebooks previously) book – Mr Unavailable & The Fallback Girl.

“While I’ve educated many thousands of people on the perils of unavailable relationships and what healthy, committed relationships look like, this is also a journey in recognising that if you can’t date with your self-esteem in tow, you need to stop dating until you can. Mr Unavailable and the Fallback Girl will help you to stop being a passenger in shady, depleting relationships and stop treating these broken men like they’re messiahs while you’re someone who has to clamour around them for crumbs of attention, affection, and hints of commitment. These crumbs don’t become loaves and will leave you hungry for a real relationship. I want you to read this book and recognise that you need the loaf, a whole load and nothing but the loaf.

Pursuing or having relationships with Mr Unavailable is symbolic of your need to learn to love yourself more and to set some boundaries and have better standards.”

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Book Review: Finding The Perfect Pair Of Jeans

20 Sep

A couple of weeks ago, Twitter friend JustSewTired suggested a book she thought I should read. As soon as I Googled it and saw that the author, Andrew G Marshall, is a marital therapist with RELATE – the UK’s leading counselling charity – I just knew that this was a book I needed to buy.

The cover blurb:

  • Are you tired of casual relationships and playing ‘the game’?
  • Do you want to settle down, but can’t seem to find the right person?
  • Have you just come out of a long term relationship, or had your heart badly broken?
  • Do you worry that nobody will love you again?

If any of this sounds familiar, you may have fallen into the Single Trap. You are not alone. For the first time ever, the number of single-person households in the UK us about to outnumber those with families.

In this book Andrew G Marshall draws on his 25 years experience to help readers to free themselves from the trap and to find ever lasting love (hmm, we shall see). I’ve only just started reading, but already I  am finding his take on ‘the single epidemic’ to be extremely interesting. He likened it to choosing the perfect pair of jeans. No really, he did!

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Book Review: Steve Harvey’s ‘Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man’

9 Mar

Steve Harvey - Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man. (credit:

I’ve always liked Steve Harvey as a comedian. His series The Steve Harvey Show and his performance on  ‘The Original Kings of Comedy’ had me crying with laughter (not as much as Bernie Mac’s routine though, RIP) anyway imagine my surprise when I find out that Steve is now a “relationship expert”. How in the hell did that happen? I mean, not only does he have a morning radio show over in the US where he regularly gives out relationship advice to listeners, but he has also released a couple of books; ‘Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man: What Men Really Think About Love, Relationships, Intimacy and Commitment’ and more recently, ‘Straight Talk No Chaser: How To Find, Keep and Understand a Man’. Last year Steve was featured in the ABC Nightline Special “Why Can’t A Successful Black Woman Find A Man”. It seems that even the US media see him as an authority figure on how to make relationships work, which is extremely hilarious considering his first wife recently crawled out of the woodwork telling anyone who would listen that Steve cheated on her throughout their marriage.

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Book Review: Michelle Cove’s ‘Seeking Happily Ever After’

25 Oct

Even before I started reading Seeking Happily Ever After, I already knew that the author of the book spoke my language.  Michelle Cove wrote a guest post for me during the blog crawl back in September and after reading Michelle’s blog crawl post – The Real Price of a Relationship – I knew that she was an author I could relate to. Michelle’s post spoke to me on a personal level. What with me being the independent single woman who has achieved everything on my own; including leaving my hometown to move to the big smoke, surviving alone in a big city, building a career, securing a mortgage and going on regular (sometimes solo) holidays. I’m the archetypal “I’m-the-one-used-to-being-in-control-of-everything-in-my-own-life” sort of chick.

So if Michelle was able to sum me up in one amazing blog post, what would it be like to read her whole book? I wanted to love the book because having had several email conversations with Michelle, I think she rocks – BIG TIME. However, upon reading, I found that while I loved her delivery, her tone of voice and her ability to read like an encouraging girlfriend giving me advice over Sunday brunch; it didn’t feel as though the booked was as ‘aimed at me’ as I was hoping it would be.

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