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Lovestruck? No Such Luck…

20 Apr

I admit, I was a little scared at the thought of signing up for a full membership on Lovestruck.com. Although I’d had profile on there since last year, I hadn’t bothered using it, mainly because I tend to get a bit put off by sites that charge (yup, what can I say, I’m a lil’ bit of a cheapskate) but also because after a brief look, I didn’t seen anyone who immediately jumped out at me.

The leading dating service for single professionals in London, oooh get them!

There was something I liked about Lovestruck though, I like their ‘Dating Tip Of The Day’ tweets and I love their cheeky chatty advertising campaigns all over the London underground. Because there was something about their tone of voice that I related to, I signed up to receive e-newsletters and gradually let myself be persuaded into trying out one of their low-key singles events, the Laissez Faire back in January. The event itself was fun, and really quite a genius idea, but it was ruined by the fact that the only guy I exchanged numbers with became the nearest thing I’ve ever had to a stalker – anyone remember Lovestruck Guy aka Bug a Boo?

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Laissez-Faire? Laissez-Partaaay!

30 Jan


French for “let do”, but broadly implies “let it be”, or “leave it alone.” Non-interference in the affairs of others.

Party Time!

After relying heavily on dating websites last year, part of my plan for 2011 is to Get Up, Get Out and Date. Dating websites have proved a successful for way for me to meet new guys (somewhat), but I still have this huge urge to do it old-school-style and combine online dating with actually getting up off my arse and meeting men in a more social setting. My first foray being the Lovestruck London Laissez-Faire party in Hoxton last week.

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