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Is A Personalised Dating Service The Way To Go?

7 Feb

You know me;  I want to date but I hate having to rely on online dating. On top of that I never meet guys when I’m out and about, therefore I’m always trying to think of alternative ways to get myself out there. Other than speed dating and singles parties, something I’ve always liked the idea of is a personal matchmaking/ dating service. How cool to have a professional look at your likes/dislikes, values and interests and give you options on who they think would be a good match for you. I’ve considered it (e.g. Paul C. Brunson and Matt Hussey) but because it’s always so darn expensive, I’ve never actually tried it out.

The mission: Click here to find love...

However, not too long ago I was approached by a new dating service called Personal Dating Agent. It must have been written in the stars because funnily enough, a lovely reader of mine (Hi Suzette!) had highlighted the company to me on Facebook just a week beforehand. It turns out that Personal Dating Agent (PDA) is a new dating service that manages all aspects of online dating on your behalf. The interesting thing is,  they guarantee you dates every month. Obviously I was curious. It’s a chance for me to finally get to try out a dating service and see to if it actually works…

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A Chat With… Paul C. Brunson

3 Sep

This is the first time that I’ve featured an interview on my blog, but it isn’t the first time that I’ve written about ‘the Modern Day Matchmaker’, Paul Carrick Brunson. I first wrote about Paul  back in July when I  said I’d do his ‘Summer Dating Challenge‘ (which, by the way, I failed at. Miserably) but I’ve been aware of him since I first discovered his work on Twitter earlier this year.

Paul first flew onto my radar thanks to his weekly Twitter matchmaking sessions.  On Wednesdays, he’d offer a date with one of his (usually male) clients to his thousands of Twitter followers. The followers interested in taking part would ask Paul questions about this client (“What does he do for a living?” “How long ago did his last relationship end?” “Who is his ideal woman, and why?”) and then Paul would answer questions using the #MDMW (Modern Day Matchmaker Wednesday) hashtag, so that everyone could track the conversation. After the Q&A’s are done and dusted, Paul would tweet a photo of his client and then go through his Twitter timeline for match requests. Considering how huge a country the US is, I haven’t quite figured out the logistics of how exactly these Twitter dates finally take place, but they do!

For Paul, who has been dubbed the ‘real life Hitch’ (and if you don’t know who Hitch is, shame on you) this isn’t just a hobby; this is how he makes a living. He is a certified life/relationship coach and he is also the founder of the ‘One Degree From Me’ matchmaking service. I’d hoped to be able to attend one of Paul’s regular ‘Flow Dating’ events while I was in New York City earlier this summer, but unfortunately the event took place the day after I left town, typical!

Flow Dating in NYC. I missed out on an event like this by just ONE day *sigh*

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The Modern Day Matchmaker July Challenge!

1 Jul

I was on Twitter last week  (the question is, when aren’t I on Twitter?) and I saw a tweet from Paul Brunson aka The Modern Day Matchmaker, that caught my eye. Paul, a certified relationship and life coach with a huge Twitter following, had thrown out an interesting challenge to his followers:

Well hey, I defo want to increase the number of dates I go on, so tell me more…

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Girls Night In

28 Apr

Whilst I still haven’t been able to secure a date yet, this blog and new Twitter channel has been opening me up to new things, new experiences and meeting new people. Its only been three weeks and already I’m having a blast!

Yes, I know I'm plugging SIAT but I don't care. They rock!

Through Twitter-stalking someone else’s followers (as you do) I came across Sitting In A Tree (www.twitter.com/sitinourtree) and thought I should follow them. When I saw a tweet from they saying they were having a ‘Girls’ Night In’ event to “offer tips, pick brains & answer those questions people are too afraid to ask” I quickly piped up and asked if I could attend. After failing to get a friend to come along with me (bunch of wussies!) I decided to go alone even though I’m terrified of going to social events on my own, I was determined to do it. This coming from a fully grown woman who is off to New York City and Barbados alone this summer – I really do need to “man up” don’t I?

Anyways, I went alone and boy I’m glad that I did. I got to spend an evening with a brilliant bunch of people! I had such a great time that I didn’t even mind missing 90210, The Vampire Diaries and Cougar Town (and that means ALOT). I managed to find out more about Sitting In A Tree and was hugely impressed, they are an online dating community/matchmaking service run by three gorgeous women – Nicky, Roya and Trisha.

See. Aren’t they adorable?

The idea of the Girls Night In was that there were two guys available for a Q&A session. It was a chance for us girls to ask those “Why do men do that?”, “What does it mean when a man says that?” type of questions. The two guys on hand – Jide and Hugh – were awesome. Both guys, although complete different from one another were both totally charismatic, totally honest and really funny which, considering they were in front of an army of single women armed with questions, was no mean feat I’m sure. They did a fantastic job! Questions asked included “Do guys like it when women approach them?”, “Kissing on the first date – yay or nay?”, “What sort of online dating profile pics work best?’ and my own question “Why the hell do guys think its ok to disappear off the face of the earth after a month or two of good dates?”. Don’t get me started on that subject. Grrrrr…..

After the Q&A sesh, there was a bit of a break and a bit of mingling and drinks with the single boys who had been having their own “Boys Night In” in a different area of the bar. Unfortunately I did not see ONE guy that caught my eye but hey at least I did meet some lovely ladies. I’m talking, GORGEOUS lovely ladies, who like me, have had the worst luck with guys. It beggars belief I tell ya. What IS wrong with the men in London??? It baffles me.

The last part of the night involved the girls and boys getting together to hear the SIAT girls go over after-date feedback received from their community. This is what I love about the matchmaking service. They meet with you, they have a chat with you to find out what you’re looking for and then they match you with guys they feel would be suitable. It’s a very personal service, they actually knew everyone at this event by first name – they REALLY know their community! The SIAT girls touch base with the daters after each date to find out how things went. After seeing some patterns emerge they came up with the fab idea of collating the feedback and using it to give us all dating tips. Genius or what?!

Dating Tips For Guys
– Want someone who seems settled in their career and life, but is still spontaneous
– Want someone who makes a bit of effort, we reckon shirt (with sleeves rolled up and collar open) and jeans is a winning combo
– No shoe buckles, no patent, no holey t-shirts, stonewash jeans, no pants above trouser line, not too much man jewellery, not too much hair gel, no trousers swinging at the ankles
– Want someone who is gallant, not in a patronising way, but acts like a gentleman
– Want someone who listens to them and asks questions about them, rather than just talking

Dating Tips For Girls
– Want someone who makes an effort with their appearance, not like a WAG, but some effort
– Want someone who wear sexy clothes, but in an elegant way – they don’t like the cleavage out thing, but it’s nice if you’ve made a difference between work and play
– Want someone playful, a bit cheeky, who can tease the guy back
– Want someone who can banter with them and will try and keep up with the jokes
– Want someone who is comfortable with their femininity, who don’t necessarily want to be one of the lads

All in all, I didn’t meet any men BUT on the positive side I did met some lovely ladies. I’ve already received a text from one of the girls this morning – we’re so-oooo planning an evening out on the hunt for men! Watch out now!