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“Dating in The City of Angels” by Brooke Farmer

9 Nov

Twitter is so much more than just a social network, it’s also a place where I meet and connect with people from all over the world. I’ve made ‘friends’ with lots of like-minded people whose names & faces I don’t even know (and vice versa).  It’s truly an amazing thing. One of my newest Twitter friends is the lovely Brooke Farmer, in a short space of we’ve discovered that we have a scary amount of things in common. Seriously, its SCARY! The biggest being that we share the same birthday. Today is our birthday (Happy Birthday ‘Birthday Twin’!) and to celebrate this special occasion Brooke came up with a great idea, “What do you think about guest blogging on each other’s sites for our joint birthday next week? We could exchange bday blogs as our “gifts” to each other”. I loved the idea! So here, is the lovely Brooke Farmer’s birthday gift to me (and be sure to make your way over to Brooke’s blog to peep my gift to her) …

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