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Strong, Independent and…. Lonely

13 Oct

I love reading blogs. Sometimes they make me smile, sometimes they make me laugh out loud. Others have me nodding my head along in agreement (or shaking it in disagreement) but last night… last night I read a blog post that summed up EXACTLY how I’m feeling at the moment. It was so spot on that it actually shook me up. A bit of a realisation, if you will.

Being alone isn't always lonely. But sometimes... it is.

Yesterday Jess at City Girls World, a US based blog I discovered thanks to Twitter, posted a piece entitled “Are You Lonely?”.  Normally I’d say”Lonely? I’m out with friends most evenings” or “Lonely? I love getting cosy on my sofa with a good DVD all on my lonesome”.  But after reading the post, I feel like saying it out loud  “Fuck it. So what.  I admit it. While I do love my me-time,  at the same time I am as lonely as hell too”.

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