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Top 3 Celebrity Couples Sure to Make it to Next Valentine’s Day

13 Feb

As you would imagine, I’m not the hugest fan of Valentine’s Day. Apart from my school years when it was cute to send an anonymous card to my secret crush, its never been that much of a big deal to me. However, being that I’m a dating blogger, its not an occasion I can let slip by unnoticed. So, for this reason, and so to not produce a post where I sound like a evil, bitter, twisted, single woman (ahem), I’ve enlisted the help of the lovely Jessica DeRubbo of Cupid’s Pulse, to put a more positive spin on Valentine’s Day.

Top 3 Celebrity Couples Sure to Make it to Next Valentine’s Day

Kate and Wills (credit: mirror.co.uk)

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Why Do Footballers Cheat?

21 Sep

They’re all at it aren’t they? It’s almost as if these  men just don’t give a flying fig about the matrimonial vows they took once upon a time. Nowadays we can’t escape for the news of latest cheating celebrity spacker.

Since the Tiger Woods drama last year, celebrity cheaters have been exposed by the media all over the place. To be honest, I didn’t pay one bit of attention to Tiger Woods until news broke of his infidelities. Golf is one big snooze-fest (in my very humble opinion) and apart from that I’m not black, I’m cablinasian” episode, Tiger didn’t even register on my scale of interesting. But jeez, who would’ve expected this? Not one, two or even three mistresses. This dude had prostitutes, waitresses, strippers, his neighbour’s daughter… a whole myriad of women. At last count, it was reported he slept with 120 women during his five year marriage.

Coleen & Wayne Rooney

Here in England, it’s our star footballers who laugh in the face of that holy union called marriage. The past couple of weeks the newspapers have been overflowing with the prostitute-filled exploits of star England football player Wayne Rooney. Wayne and his childhood sweetheart Coleen (both 24) have been together since they were 16 years old. Coleen gave birth to their first child, a boy, just last year. Aww, childhood sweethearts, cute story, right?

Well, it would be a cute story if back in 2004 Wayne hadn’t gotten caught paying for sex with prostitutes at a massage parlour and yes, it would be a cute story if  we hadn’t just recently learnt that Wayne had gone back to his prostitute-touting ways while Coleen was pregnant last year. After a couple of weeks of having to endure news stories about the prostitute and her family, it was recently revealed that Coleen has decided to give Wayne (yet) another chance. For the sake of their son, Coleen’s hoping and praying that Wayne has gotten over his apparent addiction to ‘ladies of the night’. Thing is, if Coleen’s still with him despite him having cheated on her  twice before, what’s to say he won’t do it again?

Other Recent Cheating Footballers
Ashley Cole
Cheryl and Ashley Cole were our golden couple. The ‘Posh & Becks’ for the younger generation, if you will. Him; a top footballer and her; the most attractive one from Girls Aloud, our most successful girl band since the Spice Girls.  We watched them go through their dating phase, we cooed over their wedding photos in OK magazine and unfortunately, we also saw the fall out when Ashley cheated on her…. twice. After three and a half years of marriage Cheryl had enough and finally decided that their love wasn’t worth fighting for after all (pun intended). Cashley’s divorce was recently finalised and if the showbiz press is to be believed Cheryl is currently hosting the affections of both Black Eyed Peas Will.I.Am and DWTS Derek Hough. (I don’t buy either of those stories personally, but hey ho).

Young divorcees, Ashley & Cheryl Cole

Peter Crouch
Not being a huge footie fan myself, I didn’t know much about Peter Crouch other than the fact that he was the really tall (6’7″) guy who did ‘the robot dance’ whenever he scored a goal. He became Paparazzi fodder when he got engaged to hot lingerie model/lads mag favourite Abigail Clancy but recently Peter became front page news for a different reason, when it was revealed that he slept with a teenage hooker and  photos were released of him leching over women in clubs where women said he was nothing more than a ‘sex pest’. Just last week, only a month after the allegations, it came to light that Abby is three months pregnant. Whether or not this news played a part in her decision to stay betrothed to her lanky sex pest, who knows?

Abbey Clancy & Peter Crouch, now expecting their first child.

John Terry
I know even less about John Terry than I do about Peter Crouch but what I do know is that he was Captain of the England football team, and I do know that  he hit the headlines for all of the wrong reasons earlier this year. Not only did he cheat on his wife, but he cheated on her with (….duh duh duuuh) the girlfriend of one of his England team mates. Can you say…. scandalous?! The wrong doing resulted in John Terry being stripped of his captaincy, just in time for the World Cup. Can you imagine the atmosphere in the locker rooms? Awkward.

John Terry with wife and kids

Back to the question at hand – Why do footballers cheat? I’ll tell you why… BECAUSE THEY BLOODY WELL CAN! They’re rich, they’re powerful, they’re famous and they’re in demand. Women are drawn to them a like moth a flame. There’s a scary amount of young girls out there whose ultimate dream in life is to become a WAG.  With websites out there such as Wags World and Become A Wag, I get the feeling we’ve not seen the end of the ‘cheating footballer’ stories just yet.

Pretty, Sexy or Cute?

29 Jul

In my last post I described my date, The Business Man, as ‘cute’. Not hot, not handsome, not sexy, but cute. It may sound patronising to some but that’s not how it’s meant. It’s just that for me, ‘cute’ is good-looking but in more of a sweet, adorable kind of way, not necessarily in an OMG-he’s-so-hot-I-can’t-stop-drooling kind of way.

I recently saw this article on Bossip which asks how a man decides if a woman is cute, pretty or sexy and although it was from a male point of view, I could totally relate to the things said. I agreed with their choices of Lauren London, Kelly Rowland and Kerry Washington too. All absolutely beautiful women but yet they without a doubt fall into the cute, pretty and sexy categories the author of the article put them into.

Here, just because I feel like it, are my own personal examples of cute, pretty and sexy:

For me, these guys possess the ‘Awww’ factor. They make me smile, make me want to pull their cheeks and give them great big juicy hugs.

Will Smith

I absolutely adore this man. When he smiles, I smile. In my dreams, him and his wife are my best friends and they regularly invite me around for dinner. (No, seriously!)

Kevin Walker

Not the actor Matthew Rhys, but his Brothers & Sisters character Kevin Walker. I love him. He’s the epitome of a cute guy, I just want to squeeze him and his hubby Scottie too. Love, love, love.


I know rapper-come-Church-Pastors aren’t supposed be ‘cute’ but what can I say? Had a major crush on Mase back in the late 90’s – his dimples, his smile, his cheesy little dance moves – cute, cute, cute.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

I watched 500 Days of Summer last weekend and Joseph’s definitely not the cute little boy from 3rd Rock from the Sun anymore. He maybe all grown up now but as far as I’m concerned, he’s still got a youthful cuteness (and some Heath Ledger-ness, no?) about him.

The pretty boys: amazing facial features, perfect jawlines, symmetrical faces; these are the guys you’d have to fight with for mirror time in the mornings.

Zac Efron

I know he’s young but damn, isn’t he pretty? I’m not ashamed to admit that while watching ’17 Again’ there were quite a few gasps from me. Those eyes, that face. Zac’s only 22 now but imagine him in another 5 years? Don’t tell my teenage sister, but he’d definitely get it.

Lance Gross

His smooth dark chocolatey skin, his lips, his smouldering eyes, even his eyebrows are perfectly groomed. When he smiles it is such a beautiful thing. This guy just…. does things…to me… *bites fist*

Cristiano Ronaldo

This guy is beyond pretty. He’s the epitome of metrosexual, experiments with hairstyles, wears nail varnish on his toes and he rocks teeny weeny shorts but all with lots of muscular, manly confidence. This is probably how he still manages to be a total babe magnet (and a bit of a man-slag to boot – who else could use the chat up line “Me, you, fuck fuck?” and be successful?)

Shemar Moore


These guys bring the pure sexiness. These guys are the ‘panty droppers’. In real life, I’d stay away from these guys – waaay too much trouble – but for the sake of this blog post, let me take a moment to share with you the dudes who make me think unpure thoughts…


Ok, I know Usher has a funny shaped head and I’m aware he has a funny shaped nose too but, I don’t give a damn! I still find him sexy as hell. It’s the way he carries himself, the way he dances, the way he sings, the way he dresses, the way he looks at me through the camera (yes, he does look at ME) and that hey, having that hot bod doesn’t hurt either.

David Beckham

Sexy Becks. This guy can do no wrong as far as I’m concerned. I don’t know anyone who can look equally as good in jeans and a t-shirt as in an expensive designer suit. He ALWAYS looks so hot, especially when working the mean and moody look. Becks is like fine wine, gets better with age. Mmmmm…

Mehcad Brooks

Started out all tall and geeky in Desperate Housewives but grew into his fine-ness just in time for True Blood. Now, I do love me some True Blood but he definitely helped to make it all the more interesting. And his Calvin Klein pics?? Ooooh weee.

Keston Karter

This guy is my ULTIMATE crush. Not ashamed to admit I have photos of him on my computer, on my iPod, I’ve even got his calendar on my kitchen wall. I’ve been having naughty thoughts about Keston for many years now. I’d be absolute putty in his hands if I ever met him. Sheesh, I nearly peed my pants when he replied (twice) to tweets of mine. I’d happily be a Keston groupie all day everyday. HUBBA HUBBA.

This Keston clip is an oldie, but a goodie. Enjoy!

Do Black Women Get The Short End of The Dating Stick?

7 Jun

Married outside of their race: Greys Anatomy's Justin Chambers with his beautiful wife Keisha

Last month in an interview with Vibe magazine actress Regina King (Boyz N The Hood, Jerry Maguire, Empire of the State) said she believed that more black women should date outside of their race and it got me thinking. It got me thinking about how I’m one of the women she’s talking about. I’ve always been one of the “I want me a brother” types but different to the majority of her friends that she’s referring to, I’m actually trying dating outside of my race right now. Since starting this blog I’ve dated an English guy, an Italian guy and I’ve tried dating an Irish guy too (emphasis on the word tried!). So yes, I’m being more open than I’ve been in the past. Does that change the fact that, deep down, I still hope that my Mr Good Enough/Mr Right turns out to be black? Hmmm, probably not.

However, I accept the fact that in this day and age black men don’t seem to feel the same way. Just last week the New York Times reported a new study that shows more and more black men are marrying women of other races. In fact, in the US, more than 1 in 5 black men married a non black woman in 2008. The article also says that sociologists said the rate of black men marrying women of other races further reduces the already shrunken pool of potential partners for black women seeking a black husband – well, no shit Sherlock!

Married outside of their race; Heidi Klum and Seal. I adore these two!


To me, these figures are eye-opening, but then I happen to think black women are rather fabulous (but then again, I am extremely biased!). A month or so ago, via Twitter, I come across a TV programme that was broadcast on American News network ABC News. A ‘special’ entitled “Why Can’t A Successful Black Woman Find A Man” (the issue I have with the title of the show is immense, mammoth, colossal even). The show quotes a recent Yale study, which says 42 percent of African-American women have yet to be married, compared to only 23 percent of white women. That’s double the amount! Here is a YouTube clip from the TV special, featuring a bunch of intelligent, beautiful black women talking about how hard their search to find a man is. Ya just gotta love Steve Harvey. He always makes me laugh, “All y’all are fine. Hell, who don’t wanna go out with y’all?” So damn true, they’re all gorgeous! Check out the clip.

One of the women in the YouTube clip talks about black women not being as coveted as women of other races and I think she has a valid point. In mainstream society, when you look at the famous women men lust over black doesn’t seem to be seen as beautiful. In recent years with the success of black music artists such as Beyonce and Rihanna and actresses such as Halle Berry and Zoe Saldana it’s better than it was say, 10 years ago, but still we’ve got a long way to go. For example, this years FHM top 100 sexiest women list voted for by men all over the UK contains just five black women. Yes just FIVE black women out of 100! Are we really considered that undesirable?

The five black women included in FHM’s Top 100 Sexiest Women list 2010

#24 – Zoe Saldana
#43 – Rihanna
#64 – Beyonce
#75 – Alexandra Burke
#98 – Rochelle Wiseman (from The Saturdays)

(Honourable shout out goes to Indian beauty Frieda Pinto who was listed at #97)

British footballer Jermain Defoe. Always with women; none of them are ever black.

Most of the statistics mentioned in this post so far come from the US, but even so, here in the UK I can totally relate to what the women in the video clip are saying. The Sunday Times reported that Britain has the highest rate of interracial relationships in the world and it’s been reported elsewhere that by 2020 the mixed race population is expected to become Britain’s largest ethnic minority group with the highest growth rate. According to the 2001 UK census black British males were around 50% more likely than black females to marry outside of their race, so where exactly does that leave us?

Ultimately, I LOVE love. I’m a big fan of love in all of its shapes and sizes. I love that falling love happens with whoever you fall in love with, regardless of skin colour. Who I tend to be more weary of, are people who point blank refuse to date within their own race. I know plenty of black guys who specifically avoid black women, my Uncle is one of them. My whole life my Uncle has only dated white women. The woman he has settled down with is part of our family, I love her to bits and my beautiful cousins too. Do I wonder what exactly my Uncle has had against black women all of his life? Yes, of course I do. My Uncle grew up looking up to my Grandma, my Aunties so why did he never consider a black woman to be a suitable soulmate? Maybe one day I’ll pluck up enough courage to ask. On the other side, I have numerous white girlfriends who only date black men. They won’t even give a white guy the time of day. What is up with that? How can you exclude a whole race of men? Especially when its the same race that you belong to?? Just doesn’t make sense to me. Personally, yes I tend to be attracted to black and mixed race men first and foremost but if I happen to fall in love, physically and mentally, with a white man, an Indian man or whoever… then hoo-bloody-ray for me!

The black couple – becoming extinct?

This is a controversial subject to write about but one that I think is worth bringing up. It’s definitely relevant to what I’m going through at the moment, if I had been more open to dating outside of my race earlier in my life, maybe I wouldn’t still be single at 33? Who knows eh? One thing I do know is that the recent spate of articles such as Vibe and the New York Times has got me thinking about black women and how we are being perceived out there, by the media, by our own black men and by the world at large. I wonder if these views are played out on dating websites. It would be interesting to know the percentage of replies a black woman gets compared to the amount of replies a white woman gets on these sites. All of the recent coverage seems to be aimed at black women specifically, which just doesn’t seem fair to me.