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Personal Dating Agent: An Update

5 Mar

Following on from the post I write nearly a month ago about a dating service I was trying out called Personal Dating Agent, I thought I’d write an update. To be honest, it’s been quite a long and slow process but if I’m fair, I think that may just be because of my annoying knack of being attracted to men who don’t feel the same way about me.

As mentioned in my last post, my dating agent Natasha found 15 ‘matches’ for me but unfortunately only five of those guys tickled my fancy. As in, their profiles were interesting AND I fancied them too. Whilst I do love an interestingly witty, well-crafted profile I am also a believer of being at least a bit physically attracted to someone too.

Anyhoo, the five guys I liked? None of them responded to the well crafted messages Natasha sent out. Not one. Sod’s law, I bet the other 10 guys who I wasn’t interested in would’ve up for a bit of conversation. Ah well.

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Is A Personalised Dating Service The Way To Go?

7 Feb

You know me;  I want to date but I hate having to rely on online dating. On top of that I never meet guys when I’m out and about, therefore I’m always trying to think of alternative ways to get myself out there. Other than speed dating and singles parties, something I’ve always liked the idea of is a personal matchmaking/ dating service. How cool to have a professional look at your likes/dislikes, values and interests and give you options on who they think would be a good match for you. I’ve considered it (e.g. Paul C. Brunson and Matt Hussey) but because it’s always so darn expensive, I’ve never actually tried it out.

The mission: Click here to find love...

However, not too long ago I was approached by a new dating service called Personal Dating Agent. It must have been written in the stars because funnily enough, a lovely reader of mine (Hi Suzette!) had highlighted the company to me on Facebook just a week beforehand. It turns out that Personal Dating Agent (PDA) is a new dating service that manages all aspects of online dating on your behalf. The interesting thing is,  they guarantee you dates every month. Obviously I was curious. It’s a chance for me to finally get to try out a dating service and see to if it actually works…

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