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Dealbreakers: The Pickiness Factor

22 May

A little while back I saw a tweet from New York blogger Nando that instantly caught my attention. As soon as I saw the title “Are You Too Picky For Love?“, I knew it was going to be a good read. The reason I knew it would be something of interest was because being ‘too picky’ is something I’ve been accused of many times. In fact, sometimes I wonder if I’m too picky my damn self. It’s only to be expected I suppose; a friendly, attractive fun-loving woman gets to the ripe old age of 34 without ever experiencing a long term relationship? Of course being ‘too picky’ is the easiest conclusion for people to come to about why I’m single.

Even though I’m sure my Mum would say otherwise, personally I don’t think I’m ‘too picky’ at all. The word ‘picky’ has negative connotations and I think to be too picky you’d have to find faults in everything and I don’t think that’s me. When reading Nando’s story above, I couldn’t help but laugh. I couldn’t believe his friend let go of a good guy just because he didn’t trim his pubes? I totally get that a bit of pruning is attractive on a guy but personally if everything else about the guy was great, I’d treat him to a Philips Bodygroom shaver thingymibob and just get over it. A bushy crotch isn’t a good enough reason to let a good guy go, is it?

By the time we reach our 30’s most singles have a mile-long list of what exactly we’re looking for in a partner and this isn’t necessarily a good thing. Personally I think that while everyone has their own personal dealbreakers we need to be  more realistic in terms of our wants and needs compared to say, ten years ago. We need to remember the difference between non-negotiable dealbreakers and things we’re just not keen on but that can be easily worked out.

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