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Next Stop, Cougar Town!

26 Jun

I look young for my age but I don’t always see it as the wonderful thing everyone else thinks it is. I will appreciate my youthful looks when I’m 50 and I finally look 30, but for now I find it frustrating to have to constantly prove  myself to people; whether it’s the sales assistant at my local Tesco (who is usually younger than me) or the doorman at a nightclub, I am repeatedly having to whip out ID to prove that I am an adult.  Sometimes would be flattering but all of the time feels insulting. I often find myself wanting to scream “FOR PETE’S SAKE, I AM A GROWN-UP – WITH A MORTGAGE AND EVERYTHING!”.

Another downside is that I tend to attract younger men. I know it’s not necessarily a bad thing but considering the fact I’ve never experienced a long term relationship, there’s a chance this may not necessarily be a good thing either. I don’t often attract older men (which is why I was so excited about dating Older Guy last summer) and to prove this theory, the only guys who hit on me while I was in New York were guys who were at least ten years younger than me. When I mentioned on Twitter and on my Facebook page that I was asked out by a 25 year old cutie-pie, the responses went a little something like this…

Yay, Cougars!

“….and the problem is?”

“Nothing wrong with going after the pups.”

“I”ve dated up to 13 years older…so why discriminate against someone younger. Why discriminate against someone younger. If someone is lacking in the mental faculties their age will make little difference. Age doesn’t equate to maturity.”

“10 years is fine! Especially if he is cute ;)”

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Things I Learnt From My NYC Trip

21 Jun

It’s no secret that I’m a huge big New-York-ophile. (What? If you can be an ‘Anglo-phile’ then surely you can be a ‘New-York-ophile too, right?)  I’ve previously blogged about the many ways I Heart New York and here I am writing about The Big Apple yet again except this time I’m taking a look back at the things I learnt on my most recent trip.

Taken from The Top of The Rock

Location is everything
I’d always done the typical tourist thing – staying in hotels slap bang in the middle of everything. The buzz you get from looking out of your room window and seeing the Empire State Building is unreal, trust me. Anyhoo, this time around I decided I want to live the life of a ‘real New Yorker’ so I rented a gorgeous studio apartment instead. Except… the apartment was in East Harlem. I mean no offence to anyone who may live in East Harlem, but let’s just say… you don’t have much eye-candy going on do ya? If  tattoos on necks and trousers so low you see butts & boxers do it for you then yeah, sure. But for me, who likes a man to look a little cleaner and smarter, hmmm not so much. Guess who will be staying back downtown on her next trip to NYC?

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My Kind of Ballsy

7 Jun

Back in December I vowed to be more ballsy in 2011.  But yet here we are, halfway through the year (where on earth does time go?), and I look back on the last six months with a slight feeling of defeat. It’s obvious that despite my good intentions my (lack-of) love life has been hugely disappointing. It’s not for want of trying though. I take pride in knowing that I have really and truly given it a go.

I’ve made more than a just a normal amount of effort – I went to Lovestruck’s Laissez Faire singles event and tried out their dating site too. I went on a dating boot camp weekend, I signed up for an eHarmony membership and more recently I’ve even tried to get myself a date with a New Yorker.  I may not be the confident flirty type of chick who can march up to any guy and strike up a conversation but hey, this sort of effort? Yep, this is my kind of ballsy.

I'm heading back to my most favourite city in the world, alone!

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I Heart New York

5 Jan

*Sings* In New Yaaaaawk, concrete jungle where dreams of...

I can’t deny it. I’m unashamedly in love in New York City. My fascination with that city is like nothing I’ve experienced before. Some might say it’s unhealthy, but I have nothing but a big fat *pokes tongue out* to say to those people. So what if I know all of the streets and their directions, so what if I sometimes sit at home ‘walking’ the streets of Manhattan on Google Street View. That’s absolutely normal behaviour, isn’t it? Ahem.

I’ve visited NYC four times in my life. The first time I was only 11 and I stayed with family in Queens. I was 22  when I stayed with a friend’s family in Long Island and Brooklyn, but it wasn’t until my third trip at the age of 29 that I finally got to experience staying on the island on Manhattan and that’s when my extreme obsession kicked in. During what was my fourth trip to the city, my solo trip to New York last summer, I stayed on 5th Avenue (at 35th St) and I had THE best time ever. In fact, I was utterly totally pissed when it was time for me to leave. It’s strange. I travel to different places all the time but, unlike other cities/countries I’ve visited, I always leave New York feeling that my love affair with the city hasn’t ended yet.

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