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Taking A Break From Dating: One Girls’ Story

17 Aug

I haven’t had a guest blogger since my one year blogaversary week of international guest posts back in April. It’s been a long time coming but the timing on this one couldn’t be any more perfect. To combat all of the anti-dating talk I’ve been doing lately, here’s the lovely Liz from We Love Dates sharing her story…

The very lovely Liz from We Love Dates.

We at We Love Dates love Ms. Single Filez and her blog.  When I found out she wasn’t so much loving the dates right now, I completely sympathized.  I am the editor for a dating website for the love of god, I am supposed to LOVE DATES. However, it wasn’t always like that.

Last year around this time, I took a break from dating.  I removed all my online dating profiles, and deleted a bunch of numbers from my phone.  I was burned out, and completely over it. After meeting man after man,  I was losing faith in the male species. Dating wasn’t making me feel good, and life is hard enough.

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