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Pretty, Sexy or Cute?

29 Jul

In my last post I described my date, The Business Man, as ‘cute’. Not hot, not handsome, not sexy, but cute. It may sound patronising to some but that’s not how it’s meant. It’s just that for me, ‘cute’ is good-looking but in more of a sweet, adorable kind of way, not necessarily in an OMG-he’s-so-hot-I-can’t-stop-drooling kind of way.

I recently saw this article on Bossip which asks how a man decides if a woman is cute, pretty or sexy and although it was from a male point of view, I could totally relate to the things said. I agreed with their choices of Lauren London, Kelly Rowland and Kerry Washington too. All absolutely beautiful women but yet they without a doubt fall into the cute, pretty and sexy categories the author of the article put them into.

Here, just because I feel like it, are my own personal examples of cute, pretty and sexy:

For me, these guys possess the ‘Awww’ factor. They make me smile, make me want to pull their cheeks and give them great big juicy hugs.

Will Smith

I absolutely adore this man. When he smiles, I smile. In my dreams, him and his wife are my best friends and they regularly invite me around for dinner. (No, seriously!)

Kevin Walker

Not the actor Matthew Rhys, but his Brothers & Sisters character Kevin Walker. I love him. He’s the epitome of a cute guy, I just want to squeeze him and his hubby Scottie too. Love, love, love.


I know rapper-come-Church-Pastors aren’t supposed be ‘cute’ but what can I say? Had a major crush on Mase back in the late 90’s – his dimples, his smile, his cheesy little dance moves – cute, cute, cute.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

I watched 500 Days of Summer last weekend and Joseph’s definitely not the cute little boy from 3rd Rock from the Sun anymore. He maybe all grown up now but as far as I’m concerned, he’s still got a youthful cuteness (and some Heath Ledger-ness, no?) about him.

The pretty boys: amazing facial features, perfect jawlines, symmetrical faces; these are the guys you’d have to fight with for mirror time in the mornings.

Zac Efron

I know he’s young but damn, isn’t he pretty? I’m not ashamed to admit that while watching ’17 Again’ there were quite a few gasps from me. Those eyes, that face. Zac’s only 22 now but imagine him in another 5 years? Don’t tell my teenage sister, but he’d definitely get it.

Lance Gross

His smooth dark chocolatey skin, his lips, his smouldering eyes, even his eyebrows are perfectly groomed. When he smiles it is such a beautiful thing. This guy just…. does things…to me… *bites fist*

Cristiano Ronaldo

This guy is beyond pretty. He’s the epitome of metrosexual, experiments with hairstyles, wears nail varnish on his toes and he rocks teeny weeny shorts but all with lots of muscular, manly confidence. This is probably how he still manages to be a total babe magnet (and a bit of a man-slag to boot – who else could use the chat up line “Me, you, fuck fuck?” and be successful?)

Shemar Moore


These guys bring the pure sexiness. These guys are the ‘panty droppers’. In real life, I’d stay away from these guys – waaay too much trouble – but for the sake of this blog post, let me take a moment to share with you the dudes who make me think unpure thoughts…


Ok, I know Usher has a funny shaped head and I’m aware he has a funny shaped nose too but, I don’t give a damn! I still find him sexy as hell. It’s the way he carries himself, the way he dances, the way he sings, the way he dresses, the way he looks at me through the camera (yes, he does look at ME) and that hey, having that hot bod doesn’t hurt either.

David Beckham

Sexy Becks. This guy can do no wrong as far as I’m concerned. I don’t know anyone who can look equally as good in jeans and a t-shirt as in an expensive designer suit. He ALWAYS looks so hot, especially when working the mean and moody look. Becks is like fine wine, gets better with age. Mmmmm…

Mehcad Brooks

Started out all tall and geeky in Desperate Housewives but grew into his fine-ness just in time for True Blood. Now, I do love me some True Blood but he definitely helped to make it all the more interesting. And his Calvin Klein pics?? Ooooh weee.

Keston Karter

This guy is my ULTIMATE crush. Not ashamed to admit I have photos of him on my computer, on my iPod, I’ve even got his calendar on my kitchen wall. I’ve been having naughty thoughts about Keston for many years now. I’d be absolute putty in his hands if I ever met him. Sheesh, I nearly peed my pants when he replied (twice) to tweets of mine. I’d happily be a Keston groupie all day everyday. HUBBA HUBBA.

This Keston clip is an oldie, but a goodie. Enjoy!