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Ten Most Popular Posts of 2011

31 Dec

The beginning of 2011 was blog-tastic!

As far as blogging goes, 2011 has been a funny old year for me. It got off to a very strong start, with me making a list of dating-related new year resolutions and then getting stuck straight in by going to a singles party, signing up for a dating boot camp weekend and then inviting my international blogging buddies to help me celebrate the site’s one year anniversary with a week long series of guest posts.

However, a violently strong love-hate relationship with online dating was spurred on by the idiots on Plenty of Fish and having to spend money on sites that couldn’t guarantee even one date. That, along with the fact I had dates with a weird stalker type, a guy who nearly proposed on the first date (well not really, but kinda) and a guy who seemed lovely and keen before flaking out on me after two really good dates, made me feel that my dating life had pretty much gone to pot.

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It’s Written In The Cards…

9 Jan

A Tarot Card reader. Not actually Nikki, fyi.

What better way to kick off the new year than to get some insight into what I can expect in 2011? Back in October, after being quoted in The Guardian’s article on racism and online dating I was contacted by a Nikki, a tarot card reader with an interesting idea. Nikki offered me the chance to have my tarot cards read to see what my dating future would have in store for me. What an opportunity! I’d never thought much about tarot readings before. In fact, I’d go as far as to say I’m usually quite sceptical about those sorts of things but, scepticism aside, I was hella curious to see what the cards would say about  my love life.

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Ten Most Popular Posts of 2010

2 Jan

Although we’ve come to the end of 2010, I don’t see nothing wrong with a bit of reminiscing (I’m sure there’s a song or two in there?).  In celebration of a brand new year, here is a recap of The Single Filez in 2010. Listed below are the most-read posts, in order of amount of views. Not my own personal favourites you understand – I came close to doing that, but didn’t want to be selfish – but the ten posts WordPress stats prove have resonated most with readers most since kick off in April 2010. Feel free to enjoy a walk down memory lane…

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New Year Dating Resolutions

30 Dec

Being single over the Christmas period wasn’t a big deal to me. Spending Christmas with my family is all that I’ve ever known, so it is what it is. However, what does mean more to me is the thought of a brand new year. Some may say a brand new year is like a brand new start. A clean slate. A way start from scratch. However, I always think of it as a time where I take stock and reflect upon things achieved or not achieved in the previous year.

2010 was yet another year that passed without me having the chance to experience what it would be like to have a boyfriend.  I also didn’t get any nookie in 2010 either (currently celibate for 1 year and 5 months, but who’s counting? Ahem). Admittedly, despite attending both a Girls Night Out singles event and a Get The Guy dating seminar in 2010, I’m still none the wiser as to how the hell I’m supposed to make eye contact with potentials I see out in public, but that’s something I plan to work on in 2011. However, on the positive side, I managed to do a lot of great things in 2010. The highlight was my solo adventure to New York City, Philadelphia and Barbados last summer, plus I was lucky enough to finish off the year with a trip to visit family in Toronto. Also, this year I became a Godmother to my best friend’s new baby girl and I left behind a job that was so stressful it was driving me to tears. Of course, I can’t forget the fact that this blog became a huge part of my life and I got to meet some rockin’ new people because of it.

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