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I Heart New York

5 Jan

*Sings* In New Yaaaaawk, concrete jungle where dreams of...

I can’t deny it. I’m unashamedly in love in New York City. My fascination with that city is like nothing I’ve experienced before. Some might say it’s unhealthy, but I have nothing but a big fat *pokes tongue out* to say to those people. So what if I know all of the streets and their directions, so what if I sometimes sit at home ‘walking’ the streets of Manhattan on Google Street View. That’s absolutely normal behaviour, isn’t it? Ahem.

I’ve visited NYC four times in my life. The first time I was only 11 and I stayed with family in Queens. I was 22  when I stayed with a friend’s family in Long Island and Brooklyn, but it wasn’t until my third trip at the age of 29 that I finally got to experience staying on the island on Manhattan and that’s when my extreme obsession kicked in. During what was my fourth trip to the city, my solo trip to New York last summer, I stayed on 5th Avenue (at 35th St) and I had THE best time ever. In fact, I was utterly totally pissed when it was time for me to leave. It’s strange. I travel to different places all the time but, unlike other cities/countries I’ve visited, I always leave New York feeling that my love affair with the city hasn’t ended yet.

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