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Tick Tock, Tick Tock…

6 May

Is that the sound of my biological clock ticking away?


When I was 23 I made a pact with myself that if I was still single by the age of 30, I would have artificial insemination. Here I am at 33 and now I’ve put it off until 35! Well, not really, but I think that by the time 35 comes around if I’m still single there will be some serious panicking going on. We’re all used to hearing the experts saying that fertility sharply decreases as we reach our mid-thirties. Apparently between the ages of 30-35 the chances of getting pregnant is 15% falling to 5% at age 40. eeek. For me this is made worse by the fact that at my age, in MY family, its strange I don’t have children. My Mum had me when she was 19. My younger sister had my nephew at the age of 21. My female cousins (younger and older) all have kids and then… there is me. No pressure or anything, sheesh!


So a couple of weeks ago when I received an invite to attend a screening of ‘The Back-Up Plan’, the new Jennifer Lopez movie, I did a bit of research and as soon as I saw the plot of the movie it struck a cord with me right away. If only they knew they’d just sent an invite to a woman who has seriously looked at those ‘insemination seminar’ ads on the tube (seriously, I have!). The plot involves Zoe (Jennifer Lopez) who has everything – great job, great friends – but still hasn’t managed to find her Mr Right (cough, cough – sound like anyone we know?). Worried about her biological clock, she decides to take matters into her own hands and gets artificially inseminated. On the very same day, things start to go wrong, as her ‘perfect plan’ gets messed up when she meets Stan (the drool-worthy Alex O’Loughlin) who she very soon realises could actually be ‘The One’. Amazingly she becomes pregnant on her first try and what we see for the rest of the film is how Zoe and Stan cope with a new relationship at the same time as trying to deal with the ups and downs (and responsibility) of the pregnancy.

I had seen quite a few bad reviews before seeing this film but that stuff usually never bothers me anyway. I always prefer to see films and come to my own conclusions, thank you very much! That said, I wasn’t expecting too much of The Back-Up Plan, but I’m surprised to say I enjoyed it. In fact, I really really liked it! Obviously it was helped by the fact that Alex O’Loughin is beyond HOT (see pic below). My gaaaaad, he was SO gorgeous it was actually hard to concentrate on the movie at times. No word of a lie!

Alex O'Loughlin - Da Hotness!

Ok, so yes it isn’t going to win an Oscar, yes it is a typical rom-com, yes it was a bit predictable and yes, everyone was ridiculously good-looking (mmmm Alex O’Loughlin) but you know what? It was sweet, full of laugh out loud moments (the water-birth scene is hilarious!), had likeable characters and I’m told some quite true pregnancy anecdotes. Me personally, I’m a total sucker for a good rom-com anyway and The Back-Up Plan just like many of my faves is based in New York (Hitch, How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days, Sex And The City, Brown Sugar, Maid In Manhattan – I rest my case) and it has inspired me to add ‘Gray’s Papaya’ to my list of places to visit when I hit NY in June (you have to have seen it to get it!).

Has The Back-Up Plan changed my view on possibly relying on artifical insemination in the future? Nah, I don’t think so, I mean who in their right mind believes that guys like “Stan” just happen to jump into their taxi and change their life forever? (Cue me trying to meet guys in yellow taxis in June). However, it has made me even more determined to find my own Mr Right to settle down and have beautiful babies with, whether he looks like Alex O’Loughlin or not!

The search continues eh?

(Thanks to Sony Pictures UK and Way To Blue for a great evening out!)

Onto The Next One…

16 Apr

The thing with doing this blog is that I’m sharing personal things and feelings in a way I’ve never done before. The good and the bad. Thats the whole point of this right? I maybe writing about exciting things, about funny things but I may also be writing about things that make me feel like crap, things that make me look stupid but, hey I’ve started now so, in for a penny in for a pound!

The reason I say this? Because just a few days ago I blogged and tweeted about the fact that I had landed a date. If there was ever a case of “don’t count your eggs before they’ve hatched”, well this was it. Let me bring you up to speed.

After Tuesdays post the plan was that Mr PAYG was going to top up his phone credit and give me a call later that day to sort out details of our date. I even received a couple of text messages from him that morning confirming that he was going to call but…. did he call? Did he heck!

Me feeling kinda “sheepish” after shouting about a date that wasn’t meant to be? Yes, slightly…


I went to the gym after work, got home and had dinner but by the time 9pm rolled around, I thought to myself “he gets no play if he calls now, as my Tuesday night feast of 90210, The Vampire Diaries and Cougar Town is about to start”. Y’see, I only answer my phone for emergencies when my shows are on! Either way, my TV plans for the evening aside, he still didn’t call.

The next morning, I checked my account on Plenty of Fish as per usual and guess what? A message from Mr PAYG! Wait. What? He had messaged me just after midnight with a lame ass excuse about having been to the dentist and his teeth hurting him (I’d already switched off and stopped reading at that point…) but I did see that he had asked when was a good time to contact me. Three days later and I still haven’t responded. Why, you ask? Because I’m just not interested anymore. Because if he said he was going to call me that evening his ‘teeth hurting’ shouldn’t have stopped him sending me a text letting me know he wasn’t able to call. Also, why send me a message via POF when he already has my number? Already far too much lameness considering we hadn’t even gone on a date yet. So that, my dear sweethearts, is why I’m not interested anymore. Like my dear Mr Shawn Carter (aka Jay-Z) said… ONTO THE NEXT ONE. That said, I do actually need to find ‘the next one’….

Happy Friday Folks!

Jay-Z feat Swizz Beatz – Onto The Next One

Dating Update: How’s It Going?

8 Apr

I’ve been enjoying getting into blogging but I feel that mustn’t forget the whole point of this project – getting back into the dating game. How is that going you ask? Well, as mentioned on Twitter the other day, I joined a couple of new dating sites this week.

Well, this is how things are going so far –

Cyber Love? Hmmm, we'll see eh?

Plenty Of Fish – www.plentyoffish.com
This is my fave so far. Yes, I think I may even like it better than my old faithfuls DatingDirect.com and Match.com. Plenty of Fish (lets call it POF) is the only dating site I’ve come across that is totally free. I can actually read and reply to messages without having to pay a membership fee. The fact it’s free means the site doesn’t have any income and an offshoot of that is the website isn’t pretty. It isn’t pretty at all! Its not aesthically pleasing and the functionality is a bit clumsy but other than that, I like it! The main reason being, there is eye candy galore on this site. I’m like “wooooo hooooo! why on earth have I not been on here before?”. I’m having beacoup fun browsing through the profiles I must say. So much so that a friend is coming over to mines tomorrow with a bottle of wino for and evening of browsing profiles – its like looking through a ‘men catalogue’ – good times. So far on POF I’ve had email conversations with several guys, a phone number virtually pushed in my face and I’ve got my own annoying little cyber stalker – not bad for 3.5 days work eh?

Lovestruck London – www.lovestruck.com
I can’t remember where I first heard about Lovestruck, it may have been on an ad on the underground here in London. I thought I’d give it a go because, hey, why not? Also, I liked the fact that Lovestruck works slightly differently to any other site I’ve used before. Its a dating site which allows you to search for people according to where they work. Perfect for those who have fallen in love (or lust) on the train, the underground, the bus or in the street near work. Your dating profile requires you to state the nearest station to where you work, you also update your profile status to say whether you’re ‘free for lunch’ or ‘free tonight’. Nice concept eh? I wish I had known about it when I spotted a cutie whilst on my lunchbreak a little while back (as always, as soon as I saw him, I looked at the ground, tsk tsk) but the problem is I’ve not seen one guy on Lovestruck who has peaked my interest. For this reason I haven’t paid to join which means I’m only using the very basic functions of the site. I can’t view who has checked out my profile, I can’t see who has added me to ‘their favourites’ and I can’t send messages either. I’ll keep browsing, maybe I’ll sign up for a fully paid membership when/if I see guys I’m actually attracted to.

I’m going to stick at it and try to get out and meet the guys from POF but I also think I need to try something else as well as online dating. Any tips? How else can I get out there and meet guys? Suggestions appreciated!