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I Am Not Interested

2 Feb

I’d been planning  to blog about last weekend’s date with the guy I met at the Lovestruck London Laissez-Faire party, but to be honest, the date really wasn’t anything special and I’ve been struggling to find a way to make it into an interesting and entertaining blog post. So, instead I thought I’d share an annoying amusing exchange that I recently had with an unwanted suitor on POF.

Ok, to set the scene, please do remember that as previously mentioned, the messages received on PlentyOf Fish.com are all kinds of shady and 85% of them are to be ignored. I know that my fellow POF users will know exactly what I’m talking about…

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Messages on POF – So Bad, They’re Good

4 Nov

Over the course of the past few months, at regular intervals, I’ve been posting the really bad messages I get on POF (PlentyOfFish.com) on Twitter. The messages are actually so bad they’re good. So bad that they often make me giggle. So bad that I’m guilty of breaking out the POF inbox when having cocktail based nights-in with my girlfriends. Most would break out the DVDs or photo albums, but not me, I break out my laptop. A POF inbox makes for an interesting evenings worth of entertainment, especially when you’re already giggly thanks to too many homemade alcolic beverages.

These guys are feckin' HI-LAR-IOUS!

In the past I’ve been told the messages I share on Twitter are turning me into somewhat of a comedian, but the thing is, I really can’t take all of the credit… the credit must go to the many ‘delightful’, ‘flattering’ and ‘oh so articulate’ men who insist on sending me such comical messages.

Fellow blogger The Hopeful Romantic suggested I should do a blog post on the many cringe worthy messages I’ve received. I once (way back in the day) wrote a post on My Online Dating Pet Peeves, but this is different. Today’s post is dedicated, solely, to the ‘Messages on POF’.

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