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The Blogger Learning Cycle

6 Apr

Yesterday I headed east to Paris France for the first of my international guest posts An American In Paris. Today I continue to head east in, fact, I’m going waaahaaay east… all the way to Mumbai India, where we’ll hear from another Twitter pal of mine, the very lovely and very gorgeous Dazediva.

The Blogger Learning Cycle

I’ve been blogging regularly for just over 2 years now; and it’s been a really insightful journey of discovering more about ‘me’, my blogger voice, and becoming aware about what else is ‘out there’.  I’ve discovered some amazing bloggers spread out across the globe; some of which are now my Twitter and FaceBook friends.  When I started my blog – I didn’t quite know what to blog about or how I would carve a space for myself out in Blogosphere but I knew I wanted to have a place of my very own where I could look back and think ‘damn so that’s what I was thinking / experiencing / going through all those years ago’.   I didn’t know the first thing about blogging – so I just kept reading around Blogosphere; found inspiration in posts; wrote up whatever I could and hoped that someone out there was reading my sporadic reflections.  And here’s what I discovered:

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An American In Paris

5 Apr

As mentioned yesterday, things are going to be a bit different around here this week. To celebrate my one year blogaversary,  instead of my usual one or two posts, there will be a ‘week of international guest posts’. Not only does it give me a little break (yay!), but it also gives me a chance to showcase some of the kick-ass bloggers I’ve discovered over the past year. Kicking off the proceedings is the lovely Helene aka The Man-shopper. Originally from California, Helene ran away to the East Coast of the US for college, rashly bought a one-way ticket to England to be with a boy, and has been an expat ever since.

An American In Paris

Hello, Single Filez readers!  Helene the Man-shopper here, reporting from Paris…

I’ve noticed that most non-parisian singletons (and non-singletons, for that matter), seem to have romanticized, idealistic and almost love-struck ideas about Paris as the most romantic city in the world.

Is this really true?

Yes and no.

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Oh, What A Year!

4 Apr

Tomorrow, The Single Filez is one year old. I actually started blogging as The Single Filez back in July 2009 but after a few not-very-good posts, everything fell to the wayside. As far as I’m concerned, The Single Filez didn’t truly kick off until the 5th April 2010 when I first signed up to Twitter and announced to the blogosphere “I’m Back!“. I remember not knowing if anyone was reading my words. Now, I look at those posts and I see zilch comments, so I’m gonna go right ahead and guess that actually no-one was reading.

Fast forward to a year later and there has been 97 blog posts, close to 27,000 blog views, over 950 Twitter followers and a numerous number of dates with a numerous number of men. Although, I don’t really care about the statistics. Statistics, schmatistcs. What I do care about are the things that I’ve done, the things that I’ve learnt and the people that I’ve met over the past 12 months.

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