A Chat With… Paul C. Brunson

3 Sep

This is the first time that I’ve featured an interview on my blog, but it isn’t the first time that I’ve written about ‘the Modern Day Matchmaker’, Paul Carrick Brunson. I first wrote about Paul  back in July when I  said I’d do his ‘Summer Dating Challenge‘ (which, by the way, I failed at. Miserably) but I’ve been aware of him since I first discovered his work on Twitter earlier this year.

Paul first flew onto my radar thanks to his weekly Twitter matchmaking sessions.  On Wednesdays, he’d offer a date with one of his (usually male) clients to his thousands of Twitter followers. The followers interested in taking part would ask Paul questions about this client (“What does he do for a living?” “How long ago did his last relationship end?” “Who is his ideal woman, and why?”) and then Paul would answer questions using the #MDMW (Modern Day Matchmaker Wednesday) hashtag, so that everyone could track the conversation. After the Q&A’s are done and dusted, Paul would tweet a photo of his client and then go through his Twitter timeline for match requests. Considering how huge a country the US is, I haven’t quite figured out the logistics of how exactly these Twitter dates finally take place, but they do!

For Paul, who has been dubbed the ‘real life Hitch’ (and if you don’t know who Hitch is, shame on you) this isn’t just a hobby; this is how he makes a living. He is a certified life/relationship coach and he is also the founder of the ‘One Degree From Me’ matchmaking service. I’d hoped to be able to attend one of Paul’s regular ‘Flow Dating’ events while I was in New York City earlier this summer, but unfortunately the event took place the day after I left town, typical!

Flow Dating in NYC. I missed out on an event like this by just ONE day *sigh*

It’s not all bad though, because in two weeks time, Paul is coming over to London for his first ever UK based event. I thought what better excuse to get the know the man himself a little bit better? So here we go, the first ever (and possibly, only ever) interview on The Single Filez:

So, tell us the story; how did you first get into matchmaking? What were you doing beforehand? 

In 2008, my non-profit organization hosted a summer camp for low-income black youth in Washington DC. I was shocked to find out 100% of the students attending did not have two parents in their household. It was that moment that served as a catalyst for me to become a matchmaker.

What is your most successful matchmaking story so far?

In less than 3 years we already have 2 weddings credited, however, without question the most successful matchmaking story was between my wife and myself! That said, “success” is not always about weddings but relative to what the client desires. Often, clients approach with me with the desire to simply date more, or learn to flirt, or better control their body language.

You’ve been happily married to your beautiful wife for many years now. How does she feel about what you do for a living?

My wife has always been a strong supporter (one of the reasons I love her). After the success of my first year in business, she showed the ultimate form of support by leaving her employer and joining me full-time. My wife now manages the operations of our business.

How has social media changed what you do?

Social media has completely changed the landscape of dating and therefore dramatically impacted what I do. Web 2.0 tools allow me a platform to reach (and research) people in an unprecedented way.

You’re going to be hosting an event in London later this month – how did that come about?

I did an interview with the blog Ivymunro.com and that led to a friendship between myself and the founder (Tayo). After helping me see the parallels between the UK & US markets, Tayo proposed I host an event in London.

I’ve always been jealous of those who get involved in your #MDMW hook-ups on Twitter. Going forwards will Londoners (and others in the UK) be able to use your matchmaking services?

This was a surprise I was waiting to announce at the event but I’ll let your readers know first… YES, starting after the event, we will be providing both matchmaking and coaching services to the UK!!!

What’s next for you? Anything exciting lined up?

In just a few weeks, I will start a recurring role on a TV show called Dr. Drew’s LifeChangers. Also, before the end of the year, expect a BIG announcement about an expansion of the business.

And now, a cheeky personal question –  I’m 34 yrs old, attractive, single, hard-working, well-travelled and always up for fun but without realising it, it seems I’m always attracted to guys who are unemotionally available. These guys are always disguised in different packaging, so do you have any tips on common traits I should look out for? Is there anything I should be asking to find out from the get-go if a guy is going to be flakey?

Whenever I hear someone tell me they always attract the same type of guy, I immediately ask what the commonality is amongst how they met them. In this particular case, I would love to hear more about where and how you’re meeting these unemotionally available men – there most be a common thread. Remember that the only way to get different results is to change your process.

There you have it folks – the Modern Day Matchmaker, in his own words. Oh and Paul, I’ll be sure to find you and fill you in on my situation when I see ya!

I bought my ticket ages ago, have you gotten yours yet? For more info on Paul’s London event check out Ivy Munro events HERE

You can follow Paul on Twitter @PaulCBrunson


3 Responses to “A Chat With… Paul C. Brunson”

  1. Dazediva September 21, 2011 at 6:36 AM #

    I so wish I was in London for this !!! Maybe Paul can bring this over to India – I will help host the event and select the venue 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this – will let my cousin and some mates know about it =)

    Have lots of fun at the event; take tons of pics and when you hook up with a hottie – Tweetpic it ! =)

    • TheSingleFilez September 21, 2011 at 11:09 AM #

      Hey lovely. It happened already! This was an old post. The event took place last weekend and it was absolutely fabulous!

      I should probably write a follow up post – watch this space 🙂

  2. Muslim Dating UK | Matt February 16, 2012 at 12:09 PM #

    Did you ever end up writing a follow up post to this and if so – where can I read it? 😛

    I had genuinely never heard of Paul until I read you writing about him on this site. Since then I’ve done some Googling and have come to realise what a brilliant guy he really is!

    You must have had a ball interviewing him, right? 🙂


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