A Blogger Is Born

7 Apr

After yesterday’s post from the lovely DazeDiva in Mumbai India, today I’m heading over to LA on the west coast of the US.  Today’s post is from someone whose blog never fails to make me chuckle (more like embarrassingly loud guffaws). She always tells it how it is, she blogs about shockingly honest things (farting on dates, anyone?) and I kinda heart her for that. This lady is proof that it’s possible to feel some kind of connection to someone without knowing their name or even what they look like. Single Girl Blogging – take it away!

A Blogger Is Born

Happy blog birthday, Single Filez! Dating blogger singlegirlie inna house, representing Los Angeles out here in the U.S. of A. I like Filez, because in some ways, she reminds me of me, except classier.

When it comes to men, she’s as picky as I am. It’s not necessarily a good thing, but I think we’re both hoping for some semblance of magic. Not like singing penises kind of magic, but that magic feeling you get when you’re with someone who you know is the right guy for you.

Like Filez, I started my blog about a year ago. The idea first came to me from my ever-fabulous gay bf. He would listen to my crackpot dating stories and told me if I wrote a blog, it would be wildly popular.

Hmm, I thought. I’d been wanting to find an outlet for my writing. I write at work, but it’s nothing you’d call creative. Yes, a dating blog! Write what you know, right?

I’d be the next Carrie Bradshaw. I daydreamed of book deals and an HBO series – and most importantly, being swept away from the shithole of an office I currently spend my days in. Hell, a girl can dream, can’t she?

I would call it Single Girl Blogging. I like to be direct.

But would I have the time? It takes time to write brilliance, and sometimes I’m just not inspired. I knew I’d have to post consistently if the blog were going to be successful. I hemmed and hawed about it for months.

Twittle Me This

One day, I discovered Twitter. Each tweet is like a mini blog post, consisting of no more than 140 characters. The wheels began turning. I can test this idea out with itty-bitty blog posts – surely I can make time for 140 characters!

I signed up for an account and chose the name, “SingleGirl,” (since Single Girl Blogging would be my blog), but that username was already taken. Curses. The next name I thought of was singlegirlie. It was available, and thus, I was born on Twitter.

I tweeted for a whole year as @singlegirlie, and you know what? Folks seemed to like my tweets. I garnered about 1,300 followers within about a year using no tricks, blackmail or voodoo. Not awe-inspiring, but certainly respectable.

And I learned something else. My idea about the blog? Not original. You can barely swing a dick in the blogosphere without slapping a dating blog.

Still, after a year of tweeting, I decided to move forward with my vision. Mine would be “different,” I told myself. I started Single Girl Blogging and published my first post, “2010: A Dating Oddity” to rave reviews.

The response to my blog has been overwhelmingly positive, but not without a few haters (mostly misogynists who care not for my liberal views on sex).

I owe a lot to fellow bloggers like Filez, who have been incredibly supportive. I am blown away by the remarkable blogging community and how we all encourage and support one another.

I had my first blog birthday last month, and it’s been a fantastic ride. Still no TV series, dagnabbit, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time ; )


Check out Single Girl Blogging and follow her hilarity on Twitter @singlegirlie – NOW!!!

8 Responses to “A Blogger Is Born”

  1. TheSingleFilez April 7, 2011 at 5:47 PM #

    “You can barely swing a dick in the blogosphere without slapping a dating blog.” <– This may possibly be the best sentence to have appeared on my blog, ever!

  2. justmewith April 7, 2011 at 5:48 PM #

    Congrats. I just found you and am loving it so far!

  3. MoneyMaus April 7, 2011 at 11:24 PM #

    Hooray to both of your blogs! Love them, even when I’m bad about commenting. 😀

  4. singlegirlie April 8, 2011 at 4:36 AM #

    Thanks, kiddos! Especially to The Single Filez for having me over! It was fun! xoxox

  5. Denny DelVecchio April 14, 2011 at 2:48 AM #

    I can personally vouch for the truthfulness of that quote.

  6. Charlotte April 14, 2011 at 5:11 PM #

    Happy bloggy birthday to you both!!! I’m sure that deal is in the works 🙂

    I’m glad there are other single bloggers out there because, as anyone who has tried to navigate the dating scene can tell you, there is a LOT of material there. And not everyone has a good way of delivering it. So when I find bloggers who really captivate me and make me guffaw with their dating disaster stories, well, then I know I’ve found a home away from home.

    (And PS: I also loved the “swinging a dick” line. Just sheer genius!)


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