Top 3 Celebrity Couples Sure to Make it to Next Valentine’s Day

13 Feb

As you would imagine, I’m not the hugest fan of Valentine’s Day. Apart from my school years when it was cute to send an anonymous card to my secret crush, its never been that much of a big deal to me. However, being that I’m a dating blogger, its not an occasion I can let slip by unnoticed. So, for this reason, and so to not produce a post where I sound like a evil, bitter, twisted, single woman (ahem), I’ve enlisted the help of the lovely Jessica DeRubbo of Cupid’s Pulse, to put a more positive spin on Valentine’s Day.

Top 3 Celebrity Couples Sure to Make it to Next Valentine’s Day

Kate and Wills (credit:

As Valentine’s Day approaches, it’s understandable to start thinking about your current relationship status. In fact, I’ve been known to obsess about it.  It’s not that I mean to tear up when I see an elderly couple at the movies, but it’s hard not to when red paper cut-outs and heart-shaped boxes of chocolates stare at me in store windows for weeks. If you’re in a relationship, there are articles about how to keep your mate, or enhance your life as a couple. If you’re single, it’s easy to find tips on how to snag a date for the big day, or how to improve yourself so you won’t be alone next year.

Celebrity couples are especially scrutinized at this time of year. We use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to feel bad for actresses like Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox. In fact, we use the famous to make ourselves feel better (or worse) about our current single status. However, we also celebrate the famous duos that seem to have it together, while striving to achieve what they have.

This year, I choose to celebrate! Here are the celebrity couples I think have lasting and loving relationships:

1. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie: This duo has been inseparable ever since Pitt divorced Jennifer Aniston to get together with Jolie. They’ve both adopted and had kids together, and balance their careers and family life with practiced skill. Although they aren’t completely open about their affection for each other, they’ve recently been caught smooching in public once or twice. In addition, they embody the term “power couple” to the extreme, with their good deeds in New Orleans and abroad.

2. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony: After marrying and divorcing both Ojani Noa and Cris Judd, and dating other A-list celebrities like Sean Combs and Ben Affleck, Lopez tied the knot with Marc Anthony in 2004, making Anthony her third marriage. The two look incredibly happy and manage to stay out of the tabloids for the most part, which is certainly saying something in their industry. They now have twins, and they are constantly smiling in photos and when asked about their personal lives. Lopez is proof that even after a series of bad relationships, you’re not out of the running to win lasting love.

3. Prince William and Kate Middleton: Yes, I’ll join the royal bandwagon. It seems as if William and Kate were made for each other. After dating on and off for eight years, the couple most in the public eye right now will make it official and wed. They’ve been there for each other every step of the way the last handful of years, from the time they were first photographed as a couple when they were 21 and on an Alpine vacation in Switzerland in March 2004 to their much-forecasted royal engagement in October 2010. Even though they’ve been under constant scrutiny, there’s no doubt that the pair have considered their relationship from every perspective by this time, and I think they’re surely in it for the long haul.

Now, let’s take a cue from these high-profile couples and aspire to the love that they seem to have with one another. It may not be in time for this Valentine’s Day, but there’s always next year!

Jessica DeRubbo is an Associate Editor for Cupid’s Pulse, a website which brings people a real-world view on love through the lens of timely and trending celebrity relationship stories. She’s also a freelance magazine writer and tends to her own blog as well.


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