Book Review: Michelle Cove’s ‘Seeking Happily Ever After’

25 Oct

Even before I started reading Seeking Happily Ever After, I already knew that the author of the book spoke my language.  Michelle Cove wrote a guest post for me during the blog crawl back in September and after reading Michelle’s blog crawl post – The Real Price of a Relationship – I knew that she was an author I could relate to. Michelle’s post spoke to me on a personal level. What with me being the independent single woman who has achieved everything on my own; including leaving my hometown to move to the big smoke, surviving alone in a big city, building a career, securing a mortgage and going on regular (sometimes solo) holidays. I’m the archetypal “I’m-the-one-used-to-being-in-control-of-everything-in-my-own-life” sort of chick.

So if Michelle was able to sum me up in one amazing blog post, what would it be like to read her whole book? I wanted to love the book because having had several email conversations with Michelle, I think she rocks – BIG TIME. However, upon reading, I found that while I loved her delivery, her tone of voice and her ability to read like an encouraging girlfriend giving me advice over Sunday brunch; it didn’t feel as though the booked was as ‘aimed at me’ as I was hoping it would be.

The thing that irks me with these types of books, is that they automatically assume I’m obsessed with getting married. As mentioned in previous posts, I’m so not. Another thing that wasn’t relevant to me personally (but maybe for other singles) was that the book assumed my Mum constantly pressures me to settle down (she doesn’t, Dad does though, in his own cute way). Also, I don’t have smug married friends who always want get all up in my business and set me up on blind dates. No more than my single friends do anyway. I’m lucky that everyone in my life accepts me the way I am. Of course they would all love for me to find someone special, but they don’t pressure me in a horrible way about it. Thank goodness.

Seeking Happily Ever After: Navigating the Ups and Downs of Being Single Without Losing Your Mind (and Finding Lasting Love Along the Way), to give it its full and very lengthy name, sees itself as the antidote to negative dating guides like The Rules and He’s Just Not That Into You. The book, very rightly so, tells us single ladies that we’re absolutely fine just as we are but also gives us advice to help us be our happiest selves.

I definitely think it’s a book worth reading. Michelle spent three years interviewing more than one hundred single women about their lives, dreams and struggles and drew from their real life experiences. So it’s an interesting read. Pick up a copy and see for your self…

Buy Seeking Happily Ever After at Amazon UK

(A word of advice: Bear in mind, the book is a ‘workbook’ too. You’re asked to grab a notepad, make a list, tune in to your inner voice, write yourself  a love letter etc. Which is all good, except I like to read on buses, tubes and trains. Not the most practical book for a public transport reader such as myself. Just sayin’)

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