Why Do Footballers Cheat?

21 Sep

They’re all at it aren’t they? It’s almost as if these  men just don’t give a flying fig about the matrimonial vows they took once upon a time. Nowadays we can’t escape for the news of latest cheating celebrity spacker.

Since the Tiger Woods drama last year, celebrity cheaters have been exposed by the media all over the place. To be honest, I didn’t pay one bit of attention to Tiger Woods until news broke of his infidelities. Golf is one big snooze-fest (in my very humble opinion) and apart from that I’m not black, I’m cablinasian” episode, Tiger didn’t even register on my scale of interesting. But jeez, who would’ve expected this? Not one, two or even three mistresses. This dude had prostitutes, waitresses, strippers, his neighbour’s daughter… a whole myriad of women. At last count, it was reported he slept with 120 women during his five year marriage.

Coleen & Wayne Rooney

Here in England, it’s our star footballers who laugh in the face of that holy union called marriage. The past couple of weeks the newspapers have been overflowing with the prostitute-filled exploits of star England football player Wayne Rooney. Wayne and his childhood sweetheart Coleen (both 24) have been together since they were 16 years old. Coleen gave birth to their first child, a boy, just last year. Aww, childhood sweethearts, cute story, right?

Well, it would be a cute story if back in 2004 Wayne hadn’t gotten caught paying for sex with prostitutes at a massage parlour and yes, it would be a cute story if  we hadn’t just recently learnt that Wayne had gone back to his prostitute-touting ways while Coleen was pregnant last year. After a couple of weeks of having to endure news stories about the prostitute and her family, it was recently revealed that Coleen has decided to give Wayne (yet) another chance. For the sake of their son, Coleen’s hoping and praying that Wayne has gotten over his apparent addiction to ‘ladies of the night’. Thing is, if Coleen’s still with him despite him having cheated on her  twice before, what’s to say he won’t do it again?

Other Recent Cheating Footballers
Ashley Cole
Cheryl and Ashley Cole were our golden couple. The ‘Posh & Becks’ for the younger generation, if you will. Him; a top footballer and her; the most attractive one from Girls Aloud, our most successful girl band since the Spice Girls.  We watched them go through their dating phase, we cooed over their wedding photos in OK magazine and unfortunately, we also saw the fall out when Ashley cheated on her…. twice. After three and a half years of marriage Cheryl had enough and finally decided that their love wasn’t worth fighting for after all (pun intended). Cashley’s divorce was recently finalised and if the showbiz press is to be believed Cheryl is currently hosting the affections of both Black Eyed Peas Will.I.Am and DWTS Derek Hough. (I don’t buy either of those stories personally, but hey ho).

Young divorcees, Ashley & Cheryl Cole

Peter Crouch
Not being a huge footie fan myself, I didn’t know much about Peter Crouch other than the fact that he was the really tall (6’7″) guy who did ‘the robot dance’ whenever he scored a goal. He became Paparazzi fodder when he got engaged to hot lingerie model/lads mag favourite Abigail Clancy but recently Peter became front page news for a different reason, when it was revealed that he slept with a teenage hooker and  photos were released of him leching over women in clubs where women said he was nothing more than a ‘sex pest’. Just last week, only a month after the allegations, it came to light that Abby is three months pregnant. Whether or not this news played a part in her decision to stay betrothed to her lanky sex pest, who knows?

Abbey Clancy & Peter Crouch, now expecting their first child.

John Terry
I know even less about John Terry than I do about Peter Crouch but what I do know is that he was Captain of the England football team, and I do know that  he hit the headlines for all of the wrong reasons earlier this year. Not only did he cheat on his wife, but he cheated on her with (….duh duh duuuh) the girlfriend of one of his England team mates. Can you say…. scandalous?! The wrong doing resulted in John Terry being stripped of his captaincy, just in time for the World Cup. Can you imagine the atmosphere in the locker rooms? Awkward.

John Terry with wife and kids

Back to the question at hand – Why do footballers cheat? I’ll tell you why… BECAUSE THEY BLOODY WELL CAN! They’re rich, they’re powerful, they’re famous and they’re in demand. Women are drawn to them a like moth a flame. There’s a scary amount of young girls out there whose ultimate dream in life is to become a WAG.  With websites out there such as Wags World and Become A Wag, I get the feeling we’ve not seen the end of the ‘cheating footballer’ stories just yet.

4 Responses to “Why Do Footballers Cheat?”

  1. Miss City Girl September 21, 2010 at 12:16 PM #

    It’s so true. Young girls are drawn to these men which in turn makes them feel even more godly. It’s a dirty little circle that is spreading the STI love.

    I do wonder what these men are like to talk too. They’re very good at kicking a ball around but when it comes to anything intelligent ie, having an affair and not getting caught, they seem pretty damn useless. Here is the evidence we need to prove that too many footballs to the head WILL cause permanent brain damage.

    They seem to forget rule number 1 to having an affair; don’t sleep with anyone who could gain something/anything by blaming and doing the whole and their case it’s the ‘kiss ‘n tell.’ Ie, don’t sleep with prostitutes who would happily sell the story to The Sun for peanuts. Because peanuts to them is worth more than their entire net personal worth. And they never know they’re luck, they might even become famous! *Vomit*

    I have no interest in footballers. In fact I will even go as far to say that I have no interest in men who live for football. I refuse to worship men who have yet work out they have opposable thumbs.

    • TheSingleFilez September 22, 2010 at 1:03 PM #

      There was an article in today’s Stylist Magazine entitled “Kiss and Tell: Who Is The Real Victim”, an interesting read. The article featured a pretty shocking statistic “A study of 1,000 schoolgirls in April revealed that 78% of them wanted to be WAGs. They didn’t want to be doctors, politicians or actors, they very specifically wanted to be footballers wives”.

      Scary or what?!!

  2. Onely September 24, 2010 at 1:28 AM #

    Horrifying. I think it is because their brains–particularly their more evolved reasoning centers in the frontal lobes–are bruised from all that heading.

  3. easteal March 30, 2012 at 11:26 AM #

    This is a fantastic blog, i really enjoyed reading it. You are right, they are cheats but they can still get away with everything! They all seem to be okay now, people seem to forget what has happened – even their WIVES?!
    In regards to your comment, they want to be WAGS because they want to be rich and have what they want – they don’t think about what their husbands will be like. Uh-oh.

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