Two Strikes, You’re Out

3 Jun


Following on from my blog post about how ‘off’ my bullshit radar is’, it turns out that I really need to stay strong and listen to my gut instinct. Usually the first feeling I get about someone is the right one. No matter how many ‘chances’ I want to give someone, they very rarely surprise me.

Despite blogging about my reservations, I went ahead and gave Fit Irish Guy another chance. I was annoyed when he pulled out of our date last weekend but I was pulled in again after he sent a text apologising for letting me down and explaining that he’d had a long week. He followed it up with another text saying that he’d like to meet up at some point if I wanted to try again. As mentioned previously, I always like to give people “a chance”. I mean, what if he really just wasnt feeling well before? What if he’s a great guy and I just need to meet him to see that? It was worth another go, right?

So I said that if he was sure he really wanted to do this, then yes I’d be up for trying again. He assured me that he wouldn’t have suggested meeting if he didn’t really want to meet me. Fair enough, a very good point (or so I thought). He asked where I worked and suggested we do a lunch date this time around. Sounded good to me.


I was already skeptical on date day but I didn’t think that he would flake out again, not after last time. But, thats exactly what he did! He called me 45 minutes before we were due to meet (the first time we’d ever spoken on the phone by the way) to tell me he was running late and could we put lunch back another 30 minutes. That’s fine, I actually appreciated him calling to say he was going to be late (FYI fellas, we always prefer to know this in advance rather than being left to wait at the meeting place, alone) plus I had work to do so I didn’t mind sticking around in the office a little bit longer. What really got to me was then receiving a text from him 20 minutes before our new meeting time to say that he was having a nightmare and could we put lunch back another 30minutes? At this point, not only am I starving but I’m in disbelief, what is it with this guy??  I was waiting for someone to jump out of the shadows to tell me that I’ve been punked. Was he doing this as a prank, he must have been doing this for a joke, right?

I told him that I couldn’t do lunch at that particular time as I had a meeting (he’s a teacher and was on half term school holiday, but that doesn’t mean the rest of us don’t have work to do!) and that on top of that I was now starving. I put him out of his misery and told him we should probably just leave it.

Thats it now. Fit Irish Guy is out of the game. First impressions count for a hell of a lot in the dating game and if he’s already shown me that he’s a time-wasting-jerk before we’ve even met, so I now refuse to waste another minute of my time on him. Two strikes and you’re out mate!

Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.


3 Responses to “Two Strikes, You’re Out”

  1. Nikita Mitchell June 4, 2010 at 3:18 PM #

    Looks like you were right afterall. I think you gave him ample opportunities given your gut instinct!

    • TheSingleFilez June 4, 2010 at 11:38 PM #

      Exactly! At least nobody can say I didn’t try to make an effort. Thanks for commenting hun 🙂

  2. delightfuleccentric June 11, 2010 at 11:59 PM #

    Sometimes, I feel it’s Fate or Destiny stepping in. You weren’t supposed to meet him, and that’s fine. If you were meant to meet him, it would have happened.

    Maybe I put too much faith in Destiny, but I have to believe that everything happens the way it’s supposed to, or I’d go insane.

    Besides, what’s that tell him about you, if you’re okay with that? I had a guy do that to me – cancel, reschedule, then push it back. When he texted me that he was going to be a half an hour late, I said, “I’ll be the one at the bar with a half-finished margarita.” IOW, I’m not waiting around, and this does not fall into the category of “rescheduled,” it falls into the category of “late.”

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