My ‘Kiss Drought’ Is Over. Hooray!

12 May

After the traumatic experience of Friday nights date with ‘Pussy Boy’ (click here to see why I’ve given this guy this unfortunate nickname) I really needed my Sunday night date to prove to me that getting back into the dating game was worthwhile. Thankfully Sunday night was a MILLION times better…


A Date. Yes, I've FINALLY had a proper one in 2010. Whoooop!

Who Is He?
The second date I had at the weekend was with….. *drum roll please*….. Mr PAYG!!! Hahaha, I bet you didn’t see that coming eh? For those not in the know check out the archives here and here to full understand my history with Mr PAYG.

After that cock-up I pretty much kicked Mr PAYG to the kerb. Except last week he messaged me on POF, and admittedly, my plans were to ignore it but after a few days I decided to send a polite but short response. He came back asking what I was doing Sunday and if I would fancy going for a drink. At that point, I was trying to cope with annoying texts from bug-a-boo Pussy Boy, so I thought why the hell not go out for drink with this one. Can’t be any worse eh?

The Positives
– This guy is all kinds of funny! There was lots of cheeky banter on POF pretty much since we first started talking.
– He’s quite easy on the eyes – always helps.
– He’s 30 years old. Still younger than me, but I once heard that 3 years younger and 3 years older can still be classed as in your ‘age range’. So its all good!
– He’s local. Lives 15mins away from me. Considering we met via the ‘inter-web’, what are the odds of that eh?
– We spoke on the phone and it wasn’t followed by a barrage of worrying ‘just thinking about you’, ‘just wanted to say hi’ texts messages (Ahem… Pussy Boy!)
– When I asked his surname for my usual safety reasons he responded with a rather more normal “Why do you ask?” rather than the worrying response I got from Pussy Boy “Our names will go well together” WTF!

The Negatives
– Obviously the previous ‘PAYG’ ‘does he have crappy credit?’ episode didn’t help.
– He had already proven himself to be unreliable when he didn’t call when he said he was going to. Made worse by messaging me on POF the day after. Errr…
– His POF profile says he is only looking to ‘hang out’ rather than other options such as ‘dating’, ‘short term’ or ‘long term’. Hmmm, only looking for one thing then?

The Date
The positives definitely outweighed the negatives with this one and I was actually excited/nervous about this date. I even had a bit of the shaky syndrome before leaving home – eeek! Anyway, there was no need for me to worry, it was a good date! He was taller than I was expecting but other than that, he looked like his photos (phew). He was silly and great fun to talk to. He was open about the fact that he put ‘hang out’ on his dating profile because he’d had two long term relationships throughout his 20’s and wasn’t 100% sure he wants to settle down yet, all depends on if he meets the right woman.

We shared two bottles of wine between us (how on earth managed to get up for work on Monday I’ll never know) and we got chucked out of the bar at closing time, haha! My fave part of the evening was when we were talking he kind of just stopped… and landed a kiss on me. Woah. What a kiss it was too! Now, maybe its just because I’ve been starved of kisses (that was my first in about nine months) but I swear, I went a little light-headed. Real talk!

All in all, I’d give the date 7 out of 10. Attraction was definitely there, the conversation and things in common was there too. He text me on the way home to ask if I wanted to go out again on Friday, so seems the feeling is mutual. However, I still have a feeling that he isn’t boyfriend material. I’m thinking he isn’t my Mr Right but hello, he sure is fun to ‘hang out’ with in the meantime eh?


2 Responses to “My ‘Kiss Drought’ Is Over. Hooray!”

  1. delightfuleccentric May 13, 2010 at 3:11 AM #

    Yay! I love happy, easy dates. And I love the kiss out of nowhere (as long as it’s not wierd) as opposed to the awkward “should we kiss now?” moments. Do it again! Do it again! If you had fun, then it’s worth a second try.

  2. TheSingleFilez May 13, 2010 at 6:11 PM #

    Haha, I think that after Friday’s date I deserved a happy, easy date! The kiss out of nowhere was GOOD. He read the vibe correctly, although unexpected it definitely wasn’t weird and it definitely didn’t go unreturned. I agree, it’s worth a second try – you just never know do you?

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