Dating Update 2: How’s It Going?

26 Apr

A Date - Its been a long time since I had one of these

How is it going? The answer to that question would be a very tense “not too great, but thanks for asking”.

I revived this blog and set up The Single Filez Twitter three weeks ago today but haven’t been able to score even one date! To be truthful, I haven’t been on even ONE date in 2010 but I assumed that by putting myself ‘out there’ in cyberspace (as I have been doing for the past three weeks) I’d see some results by now. To think that one of the tips the life coach gave me was “go on at least 2 dates a month” I’m like “Ha! yeah right. Like I see that happening”. I blame Sex & The City, it’s so-ooo misleading. Those girls make it look as though securing a conveyer belt of dates is as easy as ABC, but its one big lie!

Don’t get me wrong. I’m attracting guys on Plenty of Fish and I’ve had lots of ’email’ conversations. Yes, a few of the conversations have come close to transferring over into real life but for one reason or another, it hasn’t happened yet.

Let me give you an overview:-

Mr PAYG – Good old Mr Pay As You Go. Check out previous posts here and here if you’re not familiar with this story. I’ve not heard a peep from him since his pityful message on Plenty of giving his weak-ass reason for not calling me when he said he was going to. Just reinforces his lame-ness if you ask me. I’m glad we never went out.

Mr Neighbour – Last week I was approached on POF by a guy who didn’t jump out out at me as being ‘my type’ but as his email approach was ok, I replied anyway. After a few messages we discovered that we live near eachother. I’m talking, within at least 3 bus stops of eachother. Even though he initiated the conversation that led to us finding this out – has he asked me out? Hell to the no!

Mr Rude & Pushy – Hmmph. This guy looked ok enough, but after we’d exchanged a couple of “Hi, how are you? How is POF treating you” kind of messages he had a bad reaction when I told him my Facebook was for friends and family only. His response was this “I understand the privacy of facebook my personal info is not open for anyone I am interested to know more about you and thought you might want to know a little about me via facebook.” Okaaay mate. After that, he went on to tell me about his fashion business, give me his company website address (plugging your business, much?) and then gave me his number accompanied by the following sentence “Here is my number 07xxx xxxxxx send me yours”. Huh? Excuse me? I don’t know why but I felt there was all kinds of wrong in that message. Peeved that I didn’t want to add you on Facebook, ok fine. Giving me your company website out of the blue when we hadn’t even talked about it yet, weird. But then thrusting your number in my face and then saying “SEND ME YOURS”. Really dude? We weren’t even at the exchanging numbers stage of conversation as far as I was concerned. Plus, couldn’t he have asked in a nicer manner? “I’d like to take to you, please can I have your number?” or “Hey, it would be good to chat, here is my number could I have yours”. I dunno, I’m an old fashioned girl when it comes to these things. He put me off right away.

Mr Fun Time Frankie – This guy contacted me and we had real fun conversation but it didn’t take long to figure out that he is blatantly not boyfriend material but…. he could be a fun date, right? His dating profile heading is “Looking for like minded party animals” and his ‘About Me’ section says nothing other than “Well, I’m a bit cheeky, naughty sense of humour and definitely a little bit of a handful..but I’m 100% worth it”. Hmmm….On the plus side, he was totally upfront about the fact he isn’t looking for anything serious. After a whole day of swapping messages this ended up us adding eachother on MSN messenger and promising to talk soon. No harm in it I guess. Plus going out with him would fulfil my ‘I want to try dating a white guy’ fantasy. Crazy, but true.

Mr TV Buddy – This guy seems the most promising. Mostly because through our messages, we clicked right away. Not only does he write properly (no text speak), he also  has an amazing smile, he’s very much into sports (I’m not sporty but hey, it means he has a firm bod!), loves his R&B and Hip Hop AND watches 24, Heroes, Greys Anatomy, Brothers & Sisters, Friends and Cougar Town. I literally screamed out aloud. If you knew me you would understand, a hot guy who watches my shows?? I have no words for how happy this idea makes me. Watch this space.

So you see, there are lots of conversations happening and some connections being made. Maybe I’m being impatient but I really just want to go out on a date already!

Any tips on how else I can meet guys? Any suggestions on how I can move these online conversations to real life ones? It would be great to hear your thoughts!


2 Responses to “Dating Update 2: How’s It Going?”

  1. Kev April 27, 2010 at 10:53 AM #

    Oooh, Mr TV guy sounds pretty perfect …

    RE: Mr Fun Time – might not be right to cross over your “try dating a white guy” and “try dating someone who is just up for a good time” in one go … split those out or one will bleed into the other and might ruin both for you!

  2. TheSingleFilez April 27, 2010 at 11:46 AM #

    I know right? Mr TV Buddy definitely sounds like the most promising one so far. However, I was told yesterday it’s best for online daters to meet up asap rather than build it up in our heads online. Rather than waiting to be asked out, do I then go ahead and do the asking? From a male perspective – should the woman initiate the first date?

    Very good point re Mr Fun Time Frankie!

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