I Got A Date, But…

13 Apr

Things are never straight forward are they?

Last night I secured a date with a guy I’ve been speaking to on Plenty Of Fish , which, considering getting a date has been my goal since starting this blog last week, I should be happy about it, right? Well, I was happy about it until after I gave him my number he asked “which network are you on? That looks like a T Mobile number”. *Cue alarm bells ringing in the distance*. Why is he asking which phone network am I on? I haven’t had a guy ask me that since, oooh let me see… 1997.

I text him to let him know that I’m with Orange and he replied saying he’ll call me soon but at the moment he doesnt have enough ‘minutes’ so needs to top up a little first. Aarrrgh, now he’s ruined it all before we’ve even spoken. You need to top up your minutes? You’re 30 years old and you have a pay as you go phone? Something doesn’t feel quite right about this little scenario…

I wouldn’t say that I’m a snob, far from it in fact. However, I was kind of shocked to come across a 30 year old man with a ‘pay as you go’ phone. The fact I felt this way made me take a good look at myself. Why was I so shocked? What did it mean? I’ll tell you what it means, it means I’m worried he’s a cheapskate. It means that I’m worried he doesn’t have good enough credit to get a contract phone. It means I’m worried that if I were seeing him it would be a constant stream of “I’m low on credit, can you call be back babes?” or me receiving missed calls in an attempt to get me to call him back. The crazy thing is, wouldn’t you think that he would realise this was NOT a good thing to say to a potential date? Did he think telling me he didn’t have enough credit on his phone to call me was going to impress me or something? Well, you thought wrong Mister!

However, being the equal opportunity employer that I am, I will try and push these feelings aside. He (lets call him Mr. PAYG going forwards) maybe perfectly nice and perfectly sweet. Everyone deserves a chance, right?

What do you think? Am I out of order for feeling that a pay as you go phone shows signs of him being a boy rather than being a man? Am I right in giving him a chance and still going on the date? Let me know if I’m being too harsh or too hasty. Please do share your thoughts…


3 Responses to “I Got A Date, But…”

  1. Laydee_TT April 13, 2010 at 12:43 PM #

    Hey there – I totally agree that you would instantly be wary of this “cheap” guy. I mean even if he does have a PAYG – which is not the issue – surely he should refrain from telling you, a potential date, that he needs to get more minutes before he can call. You would have been none the wiser even if he called in a days time or two. It’s not a great start I agree, but I do think you’re definately right for putting it aside and seeing how the conversation flows (when he tops up lol) which will hopefully lead to that potential date. He may be testing the waters to see how you would respond to that kind of guy. That ever cross your mind? Good luck! I look forward to reading more.

    • TheSingleFilez April 13, 2010 at 11:16 PM #

      Hey, thanks for commenting! I hear you, I’m a believer of keeping an open mind and seeing what happens. A friend said to me today “he may have ran up a credit card debt in his 20’s thats stopped him from being able to get a contract phone”, it could be anything. Watch this space eh?


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