Ten ‘Dating Rules’ (& they’re not bad ones either!)

7 Apr

Ten Dating Rules To Help Single Gals Stay Sane
I tend to be quite skeptical whenever I read ‘dating rules’ and ‘dating tips’ as they usually tend to be quite corny, mostly just obvious common sense and not even close to being rocket science.

However, I came across these Ten Dating Rules To Help Single Gals Stay Sane via Black Voices on Twitter and was gobsmacked at how truthful and helpful the tips were! Reading through the tips I felt myself nodding my head and laughing out aloud at situations I recognised and totally related to.

Please do check out the article itself but here is my own personal view on the top ten dating tips –

The Rules?

1 Never Ask A Guy Out
I did this in the past when I was young, uninhibited and… yes drunk! Wouldn’t do it now though, I’m waaay too chicken. I’d only ask a guy if he wanted to go out if I’d already been seeing him for awhile
2 Never Advertise
This one goes without saying. No need to “advertise” yourself, actions speak louder than words right? Let the proof be in the pudding!
3 Never Do House Dates
I’m guilty of this one. Never on the very first date but yes, I’ve done the ‘house date’ in the past! In my opinion, depending on the situation its not necessarily a bad thing. I remember a guy once cooked a 3 course meal at his place for our third date – I was HUGELY impressed!
4 Never Press Him Into Introducing You to Friends/Family
I 100% agree with this one. Let it happen naturally. Mind you, I remember once I was seeing a guy whose friends we would ALWAYS hang out with. It started after I’d only known him for one week and it actually became annoying that we’d never do anything just the two of us! Funny thing is, now, I don’t talk to him BUT I’m still extremely close to his friends. Go figure!
5 Never Try To Control Anything But Yourself
I don’t think I have a controlling personality, so this one doesn’t apply to me.
6 Never Apologise For Having Standards
Standards – why do some people think they are a bad thing? My Mum thinks I’m single because I’m ‘too fussy’ but I think she confuses ‘having standards’ with ‘being picky’. Like the article says, “standards are essential: they ward off all the losers”. Amen!
7 Never Try To Think What He Is Thinking
This one is hard. Especially when liking someone makes you feel vunerable. I have a tendency to ‘think too much’ and to ‘over-analyze’ things. Mind you, I wouldn’t let the guy know this. Its strictly kept in my head or shared with the girlies.
8 Never Invade His Privacy
This one is standard. I believe in treating people the way I like to be treated. I wouldn’t want him invading my privacy therefore, I wouldnt do it to him!
9 Never Tell Everything
I’m guilty of this one. Oh how I love to talk. Sometimes, too much! I’m an open book and I’ve been told thats not necessarily a good thing when it comes to guys. I really need to work on being more of a ‘mysterious girl’
10 Never Let A Guy Be Your Only Activity
Agree wholeheartedly with this one. I’m a busy lady, I have an active social life and I wouldn’t let all of that go for a guy. My Mr Right will love the fact that I’m an ‘independent woman’ and that I have my own things going on as well.

What do you think about those Dating Rules? Agree? Disagree?
Please share your thoughts!

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