I’m Back!

5 Apr

I’m Back
So sorry, its been awhile since I last updated this blog. I’ll be honest, that guy, the one I started talking to on DD back in August last year? Well, we hit it off. We hit it off big time! Phone conversations at least 3 times a day, amazing dates, lots of laughter and heaps of things in common. However, after about 6 weeks of silly giddy laughter dude decides that actually even though I’m fantastic and wonderful and all that good stuff (yawn), he actually wasn’t ready for a relationship. What the hell??

Can you say “Loser”?


I mean seriously, who on earth signs up to a dating website, pays a membership fee and then freaks out when they meet someone they actually like?

To be fair, there were serious signs I should’ve paid more attention to. Firstly, he had admitted that due to a bad experience in his previous relationship over the past 3 years he “protected” his heart by only getting involved with women with whom it was obvious nothing serious would come of it. Women he met in clubs and had one night stands with, women with lots of kids and baby-daddy dramas etc. Sometimes two or three women at a time. It was his way of keeping a distance. He met me, liked me, saw I was a “good girl” and had potential aand none of the ‘dramas’ his other women had, so it freaked him out!

Secondly, even though he was in a decent job, he confided in me that in the past he had been a drug dealer. I went beserk at this news, as its totally against everything I believe in. Yet, he was so sweet and convinced me it was in his past so I let it go. He was even too scared to spend too much time with me. Once a fortnight was about all he could handle without him worrying it was getting too ‘serious’ and ‘intense’! Yep, I should have read and paid attention to the signs that he was not proper boyfriend material.

Anyway, that whole experience, the fact I quite liked him and the fact that I had been rejected by a guy YET AGAIN knocked my confidence and put me off the idea of dating. Hence, my silence on this blog. But, its now been 7 months and I’m ready to get back on the horse (so to speak). So here we go again, lets get back to dating!


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