…Let’s Go!!!

2 Aug

Woo hoo, its already started! So, to bring you up to speed, I’ve thrown myself in DatingDirect.com (DD from now on) and I’ve started talking to other members. The site itself allows you search other members by sex, age, location, height and even hair colour or how many children they want (!). When you log in you land on a personalised homepage where you can check your emails, your winks (similar to Facebook ‘pokes’), initiate instant messenger, check who has visited your page and you can also browse the profiles of ‘new members’ or those who are ‘currently’ online.

I trawled through the list of men who had ‘winked’ at me and between “Yousef” aged 59 from Austria and “Donthype” aged 18 from Penge – I was about ready to chuck in the towel until lo and behold I came across a photo that caught my eye. Ooooh, he’s cute! My age range too? Based in London? Greatly written witty ad? No kids? Looking good. I returned the wink and we’ve been sending messages back and forth ever since.

Hmmm… what happens next? Do I wait for him to ask me out? Should we talk on the phone first? Do I continue to search for other guys to talk to at the same time? HELL YEAH. Stick with me to find out what happens next… I’ll be back…

(PS – Ummm, I know it sounds greedy but reckon I’m going to sign up to mysinglefriend.com too, had a bit of a browse and WOW, some extreme things of hotness reside on that site. Watch this space!)


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